You don’t need a phone to play Diablo Immortal anymore, it’s headed to PC


You don’t need a phone to play Diablo Immortal anymore, it’s heading to PC

Diablo Immortal PC

Do you have a computer?

Blizzard revealed that Diablo Immortal PC is going to be a thing, with cross-play and cross-progression between mobile devices to boot.

After all thatand make a fuss of Diablo Immortal being a first mobile game, several years after the fiasco on stage, Blizzard confirms that the game is coming to PC. The mobile edition is actually coming on June 2, but in the near future (also June 2), the PC version will go into “open beta”. Blizzard says Diablo Immortal Progress from the open beta on PC will be “maintained” in the full version. So either way, with cross-progression, you’re covered no matter when you start. The publisher recalls that there are “30 million pre-registered players” in the world who make up the player base.

While the jury is out Diablo Immortalas a whole and how well it uses microtransactions: this is good news for the game as a whole. The “mobile-only” part of the announcement has clearly been poorly received by fans, and if Blizzard can properly handle the PC version and turn it into something even remotely resembling Path of exile, they could have a small cottage industry for years to come. In fact, if done right, it could be the longest support Diablo game so far in terms of completely new content.

With Microsoft coming into the picture at some point, it only does good things for long-term support. But again, the quality of the game will have to shine on its own: and we have just over a month to see that for ourselves.

Diablo Immortal PC trailer:

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