Xbox fans have loads of reasons to be happy, but next-gen games aren’t one of them


Game Pass is on the rise and Bethesda is part of the Xbox team, but we’re still waiting for signs of the next generation of games.

There is no denying that it has been a great week to be a Xbox owner. Following Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax, which brings all of Bethesda’s games and studios to Xbox, we got a slew of Bethesda games on Xbox Game Pass. Days later, Microsoft announced that Square Enix’s promising shooter Outriders would arrive on Xbox Game Pass (console and cloud) on the day of its release, with a bunch of Bethesda titles receiving 60fps support. on the X series | S, and we’ve heard from another wave of Game Pass titles that include Octopath Traveler, Undertale, and more. That’s a lot of cool stuff.

While I absolutely believe the future of Xbox looks bright (Bethesda Studios is the icing on an already delicious in-house studio cake), the Xbox Series X was revealed in December 2019. Within 461 days of followed, I can’t think of a single demonstration of the next-gen capabilities of the console from Microsoft itself that we can point and go, “this is what real next-gen games will look like on this machine.” Did I miss something, or is it really, really weird?

I’ve noticed that I’m still referring to the Xbox Series X | S (and PS5) as the next gen. These are two current-gen consoles that have been on sale for months, but it still seems like we’re waiting for this gen’s launch. There’s always that feeling of a slow build when launching a new generation of consoles, but this one, especially for Xbox, is a lot worse than what we’ve had in the past.

This negativity seems harsh considering that I think in just about every other area of ​​the business the Xbox is killing it. As I have said many times in the past, I am aware that the global pandemic has affected development and I don’t want teams cracking up just so that I, a player, can play games a few months earlier. . However, with the X Series being considered the most powerful gaming console ever, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a glimpse of what that really means.

Screenshot of Halo Infinite Xbox Series X

Sony is not without its issues at the moment, of course, with its games suffering from lags, but we’ve seen a good selection of what’s to come and we have actual dates for a number of them, including the magnificent Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart and what will hopefully be a surprise hit in Returnal. Xbox series consoles have lived on solid third-party versions, Game Pass titles, and neat upgrades to older games. Sony is the only platform owner to show what the next generation looks like.

Whenever an Xbox or Microsoft event is announced, the fan base eagerly awaits what will be shown. There is no doubt that there will be huge expectations on the next showcase or the next event, but I have come to expect nothing so everything is a bonus. Considering the lags of games that had solid release windows, I’m just not holding my breath for big new games anytime soon. I hope I am wrong. I think it would do wonders for Xbox to show off some jaw-dropping dropper in the months to come.

Fast forward a year and the story will likely be very different. By then we can hope to be somewhat free from Covid’s grip, Microsoft’s investment in studios will pay off, and we can focus on the quality of these games instead of wondering where they are. My feeling is that Halo Infinite is going to be huge for Xbox this holiday season, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it kicks off a constant stream of next-gen delicacies that will be enjoyed by Game Pass subscribers and inspire newcomers to join the game. Xbox club.

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