Windjammers 2 documentary: A ’90s classic revitalized


Windjammers 2 Documentary: A 90s Classic Revitalized

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Dig up that neon sunscreen

It’s cold today here in Blighty. Direct freezing. So I have little other recourse than to jot down a few words about the sunny world of Windbreaker 2, in a desperate attempt to feel those 90s rays, hot sands and Global Hypercolor shirts. The wait for Dotemu’s Day-Glo Suite has been so long, but our list of international contenders is finally ready to hit the beach when Windbreaker 2 will finally launch on PC and consoles on January 20.

To tune in the past few weeks on what has been a multi-year journey, Dotemu has released a neat 30-minute documentary on the development of the new game. The video highlights the talented team of designers and developers tasked with making the game. Data East’s 1994 classic arcade and revitalize it for a whole new generation – putting the disc-throwing action into high gear while retaining the thrilling action and devil-power attitude of the original des 90s.

Windbreaker 2, first unveiled in 2018, hopes to capitalize on the recent resurgence of the franchise, which has seen the multiplayer title become a mainstay of major fighting game tournaments such as EVO. Due to its ‘easy to play and hard to master’ gameplay, as well as its gloomy and appealing visual style, Windbreaker has won over a community of brand new players, who are no doubt eager to experience the new sequel.

With a roster of 10 characters with unique skills (including six returning characters) Windbreaker 2Gameplay features new arenas, redesigned gameplay, and dazzling new EX moves. The sequel will feature single-player and multiplayer modes, as well as cross-play between Xbox and PC platforms. It already feels like a faithful recreation of the original, and Dotemu has more than proven his pedigree to bring back the classics for new generations of players and hardware. Frankly, this is probably the closest beach I will be this year, so let’s do it.

Windbreaker 2 launches January 20 on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Stadia.

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