Why The End of Assassin’s Creed Is Not Anywhere Near


AAs it stands, the Assassin’s Creed series has already gone much further than the originally planned 3-title franchise. With so many additional games being released to complete the story, as well as Liberation on the PS Vita, it certainly showed that Ubisoft made the series much deeper and more complex as they came out. While our friends at Ubisoft assure us that there is an “end” to the series, which hopefully means that at this point they have it all figured out.

I doubt we’ll see it anytime soon, but there’s an end in sight. With all these additional games coming out for this franchise, and no way of knowing how many more titles there will be, before it’s over, we can’t help but wonder what’s to come after Assassin’s Creed IV. Black Flag and whether all those additional titles are any good for the franchise.

Let’s take a look at the history of the franchise as it has evolved. With all the opportunities for expansion of the Assassin’s Creed universe, the popularity as well as the obvious fact that they make mints on the series. Games got more complicated, people liked playing Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, so we got three games featuring the good ole. They were actually good ideas, they helped flesh out the gameplay better and found the formula for creating a good expansive world that didn’t feel too repetitive. Characters like Leonardo Di Vinci and Uncle Mario certainly added to this game over the original title, whose character, for the most part, wasn’t all that memorable in comparison.

According to Ubisoft’s Ashraf Ismail, they have a rough idea of ​​how the series will end at this point, but are still committed to the game’s annual release. He also mentioned that Ubisoft is keeping this ending “raw” as they focus always about the fans and what they want. If we as gamers want more in the series, maybe we’ll get to see it. It’s good that they’ve committed to the show, but is that the best thing for her at this point?

As it stands, we’ve seen a lot of titles for this franchise. With Ubisoft now sticking to the one release per year plan, they require a lot of developers, money, and time. Assassin’s Creed’s final title set in Colonial America was not received as well as the franchise’s second title. Players complained that the game felt fractured, that there were too many developers working on it at once, and that it was an overall unpolished experience that didn’t have the same experience as previous games. It was such a shame, as quite a few people were very excited about the chance to play the game as a Native American as well as in a much more rural and underdeveloped world.

It’s somewhat understandable though, with so many different studios working on Assassin’s Creed III, it’s hard to keep tabs on everything and everyone. It’s great that Ubisoft is committing to the series, but sometimes that means slowing things down a bit, one game a year is a pretty tough schedule and it certainly doesn’t leave much room for error, especially with the amount of money that is bouncing for just one of these games. Ubisoft is clearly leaving things open to expansion as the game progresses, but are they doing the right thing? They should stay true to the original idea as best they can. Fans are just that, fans.

It’s because they like the series and the games are good, so people will be willing to play it in the future. Sure, you might lose players from game to game, but Ubisoft certainly attracts more fanfare with each new title. By adding more games to the series, they can delay or stagnate the story, as players tend to get bored of the same old thing after a while.

Even though Assassin’s Creed III hasn’t been accepted as well as previous games in the series, the new Black Flag game arriving this fall looks very promising. It was a bit of a leap that many thought at first, mostly because people were expecting to get a more modern game, something that moved a bit further in time. In this case, we are playing a pirate. With all new mechanics like the ability to board and capture a ship or burn it to the waterline, as well as changing the very foundation that all older game mechanics work on, breathes new life to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and from what we’ve seen of this title so far, there’s a lot of promise. Hopefully that’s enough for players to let go of any doubts players might have after the previous title.

As the franchise progresses, we can expect even better combat and supporting characters, as well as true island-hopping fun as we scour the ocean for ships to loot and hidden loot to claim. It looks like Ubisoft has truly reinvented the franchise with this game. We can only hope there’s more to the game than what we’ve seen at this point. It sounds promising, but the longer the franchise lasts, the more they have to re-imagine it. Whenever Ubisoft does this too, they risk straying from the original game and its story. As it stands, things have already gotten a little ridiculous on the storytelling side, and while we don’t want to spoil anything for anyone unfamiliar with the franchise, it’s starting to look a lot like a soap opera. , with betrayals, hidden alliances and broken hearts. As Ubisoft moves forward, they flirt with the ruin of the foundation they have put in place.


So what can we expect? As a game that’s set in the near future and we’re just going back in time through genetic memories, where are they going with all of this? At some point, Ubisoft’s story will catch up with the current era they’ve carefully crafted for the game.

Unfortunately, a “rough” idea of ​​the end of the series will not be enough for players. At some point, whoever players want the streak to end or whoever wants the streak to continue in the future, the streak will have to end. Right now, although Ubisoft has committed to the series as it is now, it is moving forward. Hopefully that doesn’t turn into a quick cash-in by the end of the series. The way things are going now, however, we likely won’t see the end of this blockbuster franchise anytime soon.

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