Why inFamous: Second Son Will Be The First Title To Show Off PS4’s True Potential


IIf you’re like me, you love a good open-world game. You also like a good narrative with a solid story that not only has our protagonists, but also antagonists evolving as the story progresses. Now there are a lot of sandbox games. Some do a terrific job of building and telling a good story, while others don’t. That’s not to say that games with a bad or cheesy story are going to be poorly developed games. In fact, games like Just Cause 2 come to mind when I think of a cheesy, open shooter.

While games like this work well and have great entertainment to offer, it’s not where every game should end. Games like the inFamous series have done quite well in delivering not only a great gameplay experience, but also a wonderful, in-depth comic-book-style story the caliber of which we don’t usually see. In this case, it looks like the Sucker Punch games are starting over, as they try to add a new protagonist to the third game and hopefully wed it with the successful storytelling of the first two games.

Infamous: second son

“As a PS4 exclusive, Sucker Punch won’t have to worry about downscaling any of the game’s features to meet the demands of aging hardware, like the PS3.”

inFamous: Second Son isn’t too far off at this point in its development coming to an end. With a few months left in the development cycle, there is therefore still a lot of polish to be done with the game, but at this point it is very close to being finished. The current release date for inFamous: Second Son is set for March 21, 2014, so it’s something to look forward to as winter (for some at least) begins to wind down.

The big change for this franchise is the main character from the first two games, Cole McGrath is long gone. In fact, after Cole uses the RFI device to destroy a powerful Conduit, much like himself, named John White; the world becomes quite peaceful for a while. In fact, we don’t meet our new protagonist until seven years after the events of the second inFamous. Our new character, named Delsin Rowe. who is voiced by the always welcome and talented, Troy Baker; discovers his powers while trying to help unfortunate people involved in an accident. Now our character is definitely not an altar boy, but he won’t let people die.

inFamous: Second Son is perhaps the first true next-gen open-world game we have to offer ourselves. As a PS4 exclusive, Sucker Punch won’t have to worry about downscaling any of the game’s features to meet the demands of aging hardware, like the PS3. This will hopefully give this new game a boost. The inFamous franchise already has quite a bit of success, and hopefully they can continue the gruff charm of the first two games. Sucker Punch is also set to change its main characters for this game, as the first and second games in the series had two very different Coles. There was a quick and seemingly random decision to redesign a character that a lot of people seemed to like just the way he is. In this cause, although it worked very well, it’s still a big risk to start changing your main character. In this case, Second Son is a little more configured for this change.

“Sucker Punch also does a really good job of keeping Delsin’s true abilities a secret. We found out earlier this year that his powers had something to do with his ability to take, borrow, or mimic the powers of other Conduits.”

Sucker Punch also does a pretty good job of keeping Delsin’s true abilities a secret. We found out earlier this year that her powers had something to do with her ability to take, borrow, or mimic the powers of other Conduits. From what we’ve seen so far, he can create and manipulate smoke and it also appears from a few shots in the trailer that he can teleport short distances very quickly. The ability to use the powers of other Conduits really opens up this game and expands on a focus that was in the previous two titles.

If you’ve played either of the first two games in this franchise, chances are you’ll remember that Cole had a selection of powers to choose from and upgrade as the player saw fit. The big difference in inFamous was that your decisions decided which major power tree you could choose from. Being “good” would exclude you from powers that would only be available to someone who decided to go the “evil” path. It was a great idea, but it made the game somewhat restrictive at times.

The games certainly place a lot of importance on the decisions made by each individual player. The issue some had was that if you made the wrong choice, or perhaps wanted to change their alignment, then players could find themselves punished for those choices by losing abilities that had previously spent points to unlock. This was what seemed to be the only glaring flaw that players perceived. Although the game is based on the choices you made, making a choice that didn’t follow your history of decisions on whether or not to save your girlfriend, or the town would punish you for having a chance of hearts. , or simply misinterpret the choices you have at hand.

infamous second son

“It would be a good idea, if given the decision, the players could choose what they want to take and what to improve, depending on the individual powers they like or even the choices they make in the game.”

The ability to have the potential to choose which powers you take and use can take care of those annoying setbacks of the original game and free up the player to play it however they want as well, instead of being locked in from the start. start. by the first two choices you made, while you are still mastering the game. This will also expand the options for players. It doesn’t look like we’re going to be forced to use only lightning or static-based attacks, which is wonderful and adds to Second Son’s openness.

The only thing we really haven’t seen so far is how many powers will be in the game, or if we’ll have the ability to choose which powers will combine as the player helps shape the Delvin’s abilities. It would be a good idea, if given the decision, players could choose what to take and what to upgrade, based on individual powers they liked or even choices they made in-game. It would put some of the character progression into play, without feeling like you made a mistake and need to go back or start over to get the solution and satisfaction you’re looking for from Second Sound.

Yes indeed, Sucker Punch has a good thing here. While they’re ready to make quite a few changes to this franchise in its current state, it doesn’t look like they’ll be completely cutting the rug out from under players. From what we’ve seen so far, Second Son certainly looks like an inFamous title. This gives players control over their powers and even their environments to some extent. The inFamous series has a lot going for it and it may be the first true next-gen open world title to hit our shelves in early 2014. For now though, the best we can do is wait and to see.

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