Why Developers Will Once Again Aim For Parity On PS4 And Xbox One


OWith new consoles only about a month away at this point, there are plenty of new games to look forward to. In most cases, whichever console you decide to buy, you’ll likely have the same selection of games for the PS4 or Xbox One. While there are still exclusive games for each console, like Killzone: Shadow Fall and Forza Motorsport 5, we’re seeing a lot more cross-platform releases. While many people love their exclusive content, developers are taking a much broader approach to their titles, and for many good reasons. New generations of hardware are getting new IPs and new games that everyone can enjoy. There aren’t necessarily any “bad” choices these days for new hardware. The question now is “Which consoles are right for me?” Developers also play an important role in this regard, while not relying solely on hardware manufacturers.

The first obvious reason developers are pushing for more parity in games is that it costs a lot of money to develop a triple-A title. So if you’re going to lose millions and millions of dollars on a game, don’t you want to have the best chance of not only getting your money back, but also making a massive profit? Developers take a lot of risk when developing new, largely untested franchises. There’s quite a long list of developers who followed an idea that just didn’t pan out or didn’t get accepted as they had hoped, so it makes a lot more sense to go to multiple platforms. forms and push their software not only on consoles, but also on the PC. Even games that were previously just PC titles jumped into the cross-platform pool years ago.

A perfect example of this is the Call of Duty franchise. When it was restarted, it came out on anything that could play it. Sure, there were a lot of PC gamers who felt like they were “betrayed”, when the reality of the situation is that it gave gamers more options, and it gave people who might not have been able to afford an incredibly powerful gaming rig. the chance to play what eventually became one of, if not the most recognized, franchises in modern gaming. Whether you love or hate the direction the CoD series has taken, no one can deny its success. A big reason for this is simply because Activision, Infinity Ward, and Treyarch have made it their business to release the game on all major platforms. Even the Wii had games like World at War and Modern Warfare, although a bit later than the others.

Another reason that might not be so obvious is that while the seemingly growing chasm of fanboyism is still there and no more so than when new material is only a month away, the truth is that these consoles are much closer in terms of design, power and hardware than all other consoles before them. While there are certainly differences from previous console versions of the past, these differences are incredibly minor. It’s these insignificant differences in hardware choices that also help make it easier to port games from one system to another.

While it’s easily portable from system to system, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every game will run or play the same no matter what hardware you’re on. A good example of that right now is GTA V. Rockstar released it on both the 360 ​​and the PS3, and although it’s the same game, there were some design issues that needed to be ironed out, especially with the 360. One of these issues is the amount of visible pop-ups that occur. Entire models will simply appear in-game during cut scenes, for example. While it doesn’t really affect gameplay, it’s an annoying setback that thankfully can be avoided as long as the player doesn’t run the game from their console’s hard drive. So while both of these consoles were fully capable of running this game, there were design pitfalls that Rockstar had to work around. In most cases they did it well enough, while in others, like the pop-up issue we just mentioned, it probably could have been handled a bit better.

Anyway, even with these issues in mind, GTA V has been a resounding success on both PS3 and 360, as Rockstar is making an absolute kill with this long-awaited title. Admittedly, if Rockstar had decided to release it only on PS3 or 360, it would still have been an incredible success, but not compared to the cross-platform approach.

This doesn’t just go for big name titles either. Indie and self-published games are also becoming incredibly popular this way. With some games being so open they can jump from smartphones to PCs and consoles, it gives budding development teams exposure that really wasn’t available to them before, which thankfully is also being facilitated by companies like the digital distribution systems from Microsoft and Sony. . Games like Mojang’s Minecraft, which started out as an indie PC title, quickly became popular on Xbox live and will soon make their way to the PS3, PS4 not to mention the Vita, with all the bells and whistles of the PC version. . It’s this cross-platform and equitable approach to game access in mind that has allowed these smaller developers to compete with big studios like EA, Activision, and Bethesda Studios.

Developers have not only earned millions of dollars but also made gamers happy by trying to make their titles available on whatever they can and we’re seeing even more progress with the PS4 and Xbox One. Games like Destiny, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and Watch Dogs will be cross-platform, and in some cases a few of these games will even be available on PS3 and 360. That overarching goal is to keep next-gen consoles as equal as possible. . when it comes to the games themselves, it’s what will make every gamer happy and give every developer, regardless of size, a whole lot more exposure. It is in a spirit of fairness and equality that everyone wins.

While it’s not entirely possible to make everything fair and equal for every game, this narrowing gap between the titles available on each system is a good thing. You might prefer the PS4 and Sony, or the Xbox One from Microsoft because all of your friends have a Live account. It’s these specific thoughts and features like Sony’s dedication to sharing and opening up the gaming world that may make you buy a PS4 over an Xbox One. It should be the features of the console and the community it represents that lets you choose which consoles, not necessarily just which games will be available for it. While we’re still going to see big name exclusives for each console, overall there’s no longer a reason to have this separation for many games. There’s no reason to feel like you’re missing a game so you can play another of your favorites. Not everyone will be able to afford both consoles, not at launch anyway. So why not make it fair for everyone?

There may even come a day when it doesn’t matter what console we bought as long as we have the same games that we could even play together. It might be a bit of a pipe dream, but it’s not completely impossible, we’ve seen PC and Xbox players play against each other before (even if it was terribly unbalanced.) Having everyone on a single keel might work better for consoles than it would cross from the console to the PC market. It would certainly unite gamers too and hopefully get us all playing games we never really thought we’d like before.

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