Wait, why are we mad at Cortana? Seven things to remember before you play Halo Infinite


Halo is over 20 years old, and while there is a lot of knowledge out there now, Infinite halo serves as a starting point for new and outdated players – Halo franchise development director Frank O’Connor referred to Infinite halo as a spiritual reboot in an interview with Polygon. But even so, there are parts of the campaign that will make more sense if you know the story a little bit, or refresh your memory if you’ve been away from the show for a while (or just forgot what’s going on). ‘happened at the end of Halo 5: Guardians).

Well, we are here to help. Here are seven quick questions you need to answer before you get started Infinite halo.

[Ed. note: While this article does operate on some assumptions regarding important story beats based on Halo Infinite trailers, it does NOT contain spoilers for Halo Infinite.]

What is the story of Master Chief?

Master Chief’s story is quite long, so we won’t go into everything in detail here. (Check out our “Everything You Need to Know About Halo” article if you want the long version.)

Here’s the gist: Master Chief is a male named John, his code number is 117, and Master Chief is both his rank and his nickname. He’s the most famous Spartan – a genetically engineered squad of supersoldiers originally designed by the United Nations Space Command (the future Earth Army) to quell a human insurgency. In the original Halo video game trilogy, he fought a war against an alien group called the Covenant on behalf of mankind. Of course, he won.

John was abducted by the military at the age of 6, chosen because he was both smart and strong for his age. He then underwent physical augmentation and training to become a protagonist in the early 2000s video game.

He is 50 years old at the time of Infinite halo.

Who is Dr Halsey?

Dr Catherine Halsey is the founder of the Spartan-II program, the one that culminated in Master Chief. She’s both a brilliant scientist and a war criminal (you know, for kidnapping and torturing children). She is generally quite cranky, although she does express some guilt for what she has done to John and the others. She is also the former lover of Captain Jacob Keyes of Halo: combat has evolved, and the mother of Miranda Keyes from Halo 2 and Halo 3.

It should be noted that Dr. Halsey also created Cortana, the AI ​​with which Master Chief spends all of his time in the original Halo games. Plus, Halsey based Cortana on herself.

Halsey is 69 at the time of Infinite halo.

Why is Cortana so important to the boss?

Cortana looks into the camera

Image: 343 industries / Microsoft studios

As the senior Spartan of the Spartan-II program, Chief was tasked with protecting Cortana.

Because he’s carried it in his head for so long – through the first two Halo games – the two have formed a strong attachment to each other.

At their simplest, they are best friends. But if you want to look deeper, they’ve shared a free space for so long that they’ve been a part of each other – a symbiotic relationship where impatient AI rucksack over a body to explore the world. and the lone soldier gets a companion. And while that aspect of their relationship doesn’t really show up in games, the fact that Cortana is a more open and approachable version of Halsey – arguably a mother figure to Chief – certainly contributed to their attachment.

So when Cortana ends up ‘dying’ in Halo 4 then resurrected as a villain in Halo 5: Guardians, this is personally devastating for John. The leader is a devoted soldier, so his inability to protect her, as he was instructed to do in Advanced fights, weighs him down.

Wait, why are we mad at Cortana?

In Halo 4Cortana began to suffer from “rampancy,” a form of AI dysfunction that occurs when they get too much information. This often results in personality changes, such as a desire for power or violence. AIs like Cortana are supposed to be disabled after seven years to prevent proliferation.

Cortana starts to lose control towards the end of Halo 4, and ultimately sacrifices himself for the leader. But a fragment of her is resurrected and takes power in Halo 5: Guardians.

This fully endemic Cortana is building a new faction called the Created, which is essentially an army of AIs trying to turn the tide on the humans who created them. She arrives on Earth at the end of Halo 5: Guardians, ready to essentially enslave the planet.

This is the last time we see Cortana in the game before Infinite halo.

What do the Halo rings do, again?

a photo of the Halo ring at night in Halo Infinite

Image: 343 Industries / Xbox Game Studios

Halo Rings are weapons, worshiped by the Covenant (remember the alien cult Master Chief fought in the first three games?) And created by a precursor race called the Forerunners. They exist to defeat the Flood, zombie-like parasites that can infect almost any living organism. But the Halo rings don’t kill the Flood; they kill flood food (that is, all living creatures in the galaxy).

Halo rings usually have other abilities. They can be used to research species and conduct experiments, or inject life back into the universe once the ring has been activated. Each Halo is unique and has its own fully functioning ecosystem.

There are seven Halo installs, with the first set taking place on facility 04, the second on facility 05, and Infinite halo taking place on the mysterious Zeta Halo.

Who are the Banned and Atriox?

The Outcast are a rebel faction of the Alliance; they separated from the main religious cult before its disappearance. They do not follow the Covenant religion and instead act like a horde of pirates. After the Covenant left, the Banished rose to power using some of the Covenant’s resources to expand their operations.

Atriox is the founder and leader of Banished. He and his outcasts were the main villains in Halo Wars 2, and Atriox led his army to Zeta Halo before the start of Infinite halo.

I just played the first hour of the Halo Infinite campaign and still don’t understand what’s going on. To help???

Infinite halo starts in medias res, which means there is already a story before the player takes control of Master Chief. To be clear, the story we’re referring to here is a new story, so even players who are all caught up in their Halo story will still be confused. It’s by design.

Be patient, the game will become more meaningful over time.

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