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Riot Valorant Closed Beta Patch

From the moment it was first announced as Project A, valiant started to attract potential players. It’s a new tactical shooting game to compete Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which also includes gaming capabilities like Monitoring and Apex Legends. In addition, it is developed by the studio which has brought us the immense success League of Legends, Riot Games. And I haven’t even mentioned one of its more attractive features, valiant is free.

Now valiant has been launched worldwide and (almost) anyone can play it. The question remains: should you?

Riot Games Valorizing Targets Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege2

Where to point your gun

As mentioned, valiant has a little bit in common with some games. CS: GO, Monitoring, and Apex Legends all come to mind and have been used to describe it. However, valiant is definitely a competitor of CS: GO, not the arcade hero shooter Monitoring or the battle royale at the frenetic pace Apex Legends.

This is a 5v5 tactical hero shooter game. The attacking team is accused of piercing a bomb site and planting an explosive point, while the defensive team must prevent the point from exploding or being planted in the first place. Each team can also simply choose to take out all five enemies to win the round. There are 25 rounds in a match, and the first team to win 13 rounds wins.

Headshot On Blind Jett

The basic mechanics of valiant are straightforward, and Riot clearly took inspiration from many first-person shooter books to make the game more user-friendly than CS: GO. However, it still has a lot of nuances that give the gameplay a lot of depth. And gives players a lot of work if they hope to improve and ever master the game.

The magical balance valiant managed to find between ease of entry and depth of skill should be attractive to players. This should include those who wouldn’t consider themselves to be FPS players. It’s fun and stimulating at all skill levels. And there is always room to improve and progress.

That said, there are a lot of mechanics in the game that aren’t covered in the tutorial – way too many, in fact. Simple things like the ring around your character on the minimap that shows the distance the audio has traveled in your footsteps. And how to shoot while moving makes you less precise. You’re going to have to scour the internet for some information on these intricacies of the game. Fortunately, there are plenty of guides out there to fill in the gaps Riot has left.

Precision rather than power

valiant strongly emphasizes the lethality of its weapons. Agent abilities are primarily used as utilities – to move around unseen, gather information about your opponents, and block lanes. However, it is the abilities that add a layer of creativity to valiant that a game like CS: GO just doesn’t. It’s a tactical shooter, so you have to be disciplined. But there is a lot of room for surprises, and it’s exciting.

Phoenix high curve

Sometimes the best defense is a blinding attack.

In my first games, I only managed to get five or six kills. I also blinded myself and my teammates more than the enemy. But the shooting game is intuitive and you quickly realize the behavior of each weapon. For me the hardest part was trying to remind myself not to move while filming – your shots go everywhere if you do that.

You can always visit the shooting range if you want to practice performing dummies in front of real opponents. I spent about 30 minutes doing this before I started my first game because, even if you are a wizard with the abilities, you won’t be able to kill enemies unless you can point your weapon straight.

While shooting is arguably the most important skill to master in valiant, being creative with your abilities will often win you a fight. While playing Phoenix on defense, I decided to occasionally expand and surprise my enemies with aggressive defense. It has worked incredibly well. But I had to keep changing my stance to avoid becoming predictable.

Brimstone Sky Smoke Faux

Control the battlefield with Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability.

Tell me more

Agents in valiant are diverse in personality, style and ability. Korean windwalker Jett is quick on her feet, but even quicker at making sassy comments. I was shocked when I killed the last player on the enemy team, who was in hiding, and Jett retorted, “There you go, you shit!” It was so unexpected and I loved it.

Then there’s the sweetness that Phoenix can be. He lives and exudes flair and style and everything he does looks good. But he knows it. You can already tell that old dog Brimstone wants the younger agents to continue their work and take everything more seriously. Then there’s the interesting dynamic between Sage and Omen – a push and pull between light and dark. But it is often suggested that the so-called light is not as pure as it seems. the valiant agents are an intricate tapestry that adds an engaging layer which I find much more interesting than faceless agents of CS: GO.

Competitive integrity

Riot made many promises to ensure valiant maintains what he calls “competitive integrity”. This is a commitment to give players full control over the outcome of each battle. If you lose, it shouldn’t be due to some technical reason or the enemy player’s cheating. You should win and lose on your own ability.

Servers worth 128 ticks

Hit the record on 64 tick servers vs. 128 tick servers.

Riot kept their promise of only having 128 tick servers and they make the game wonderfully smooth and smooth. This, combined with the Riot Direct network, which will eventually allow all players near large cities to play in 35 ms, valiant a pleasure to play.

The dark side of the colorful shooter

valiant does a lot of good and it has the makings of a competitive shooter that will be with us for years to come. However, it does have some issues that will make you click your keyboard, throw your headphones, and invent imaginative curses.

the valiant Anti-cheat, called Vanguard, has been a controversial topic from day one of Closed Beta. Riot made a few changes to it, but a lot of gamers don’t like it constantly running in the background. You can now turn it off when not playing valiant if you wish it. Personally, this has not caused me any problem. No other game has crashed and my PC works the same way it always does.

One of the biggest problems with valiant, however, is the imbalance in matchmaking. There are currently veteran, regular and novice players lining up for games and being matched up. You can already see how much of a problem this is.

Valiant Matchmaking Imbalance

At least we won a round.

If your team ends up with a few inexperienced players, and the enemy team has a few veterans, you’re going to spend the next 30 minutes getting murdered over and over again. I like to find bright spots where I can, but in this case the imbalance is so vast that you will even have a hard time learning from your enemies. And when the going gets tough, your teammates kick in. I think valiant must more severely punish dropouts and players who go AFK.

Fortunately, there is already a solution with ranked matchmaking. After the closed beta, the valiant The team decided to remove Ranked Queues from the game to make sure everything is running smoothly and to tweak the formulas a bit. Once he returns, players will be able to find their skill range and enjoy much more balanced games.

valiant vs. CS: GO

I heard people say that valiant is not as difficult as CS: GO. It’s a fair review if you’re from Valve’s popular shooter. But I think accessibility is one of the things that valiant so attractive. It’s not hard to tackle, and the learning curve is forgiving, without the time you could go blind. And I think the skill cap is high enough that the best players and teams stand out above the rest. Also, as more agents and cards are added, valiantthe depth of s will increase and the skill cap will increase.

The lack of maps will however be felt quite quickly by the most dedicated players. The agents less because they are much more numerous and each one has a unique style of play. But four maps are a far cry from what’s available in CS: GO and knowing how well some people are going to play (including me), they’ll get bored of the limited options pretty quickly.

Riot Games Valorant Agent Reyna

The last agent, Reyna. Is he a vampire? Very probably.

Something that will make you swear sometimes is the randomness of the extended spray patterns. CS: GO has fixed spray patterns for each gun. You can grind them through your brain and muscle memory until you can perfectly aim your gun with every spray. This is not the case in valiant. You can shoot accurately for a few bullets, but after about six shots your spray is unleashed and you must be in luck for your shots to be successful. I suspect that this mechanic will bother me (and players coming from CS: GO) much less once I adapt my gameplay to it.

Hi, are you looking for me?

Okay, I think you’ve heard enough to answer the question I asked over 1,000 words ago. Should we play valiant? If you’ve always wanted to try a competitive shooter, this is the one for you to try. You’ll master the shooter pretty early on, and the abilities are incredibly fun to use. Plus, there are plenty of other new players coming into the game now. So the skill level is as low as it ever will be. You can learn with other FPS newcomers.

valiant will challenge you mechanically, tactically and creatively. But other than the gameplay, the characters will win you over. I guarantee you will have a favorite at the end of your first week of play. valiant is at its best when matches are competitive. Two highly skilled and equal teams have to get creative if they are to outdo their opponent and win. When the gameplay hits this level, it’s absolute fun to play and watch. I am not at this level, but I aspire to get there. Like the world of valiant grows and evolves, I plan to do the same.

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