Urban fantasy unleashed: Kate Griffin’s The Minority Council out now in the UK James Long March 6, 2012


Kate Griffin's Minority CouncilEveryone’s favorite resurrected wizard Matthew Swift is back in Kate Griffin’s latest tale of urban magic, THE MINORITY COUNCIL [UK | US | ANZ] – releases now in the UK and US on May 1. As usual, London desperately needs his help.

Matthew Swift, the midnight mayor, is in charge. He hopes. And London has some problems.

The new drug on the market is pixie dust and it’s turning humans into walking drug labs. Teenage vandals are hunted by a mystical creature and common criminals die by magical means.

If Swift is to save London from a rising tide of blood, he’ll have to learn — and fast — what being the midnight mayor really means.

Check out a sample of THE MINORITY COUNCIL!

Matthew Swift series praise of Kate:

A fascinating journey into the mind of a very unique protagonist, written in an evocative and poetic style. . . We don’t just read about the city and its magic – we hear it, we smell it, we taste it” – ROB WILL REVIEW

” Nowhere for the digital age. . . The best novelists transcend genres and Matthew Swift’s excellent sequence of Griffin, which tells of an eldritch and fantastical London, proves it” – SFX

“Few people can claim to share the same level of creativity and individual style as Griffin” – SCIFI NOW

For more on Kate Griffin and her Matthew Swift series, be sure to stop by her website. Kate is an active blogger and writes regularly on everything from real London to the changing nature of superhero powers to the dangers of martial arts. . .

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