UNCLEAN SPIRITS unleashed! James Long January 13, 2012


UNCLEAN SPIRITS (UK | ANZ) is (finally!) releasing in the UK and our international markets this month. This is the first novel in MLN Hanover’s Black Sun’s Daughter series and we think you’ll love it: a fast-paced, action-packed urban fantasy starring Jayné Heller, a strong and sassy but often doubtful heroine of his abilities to cope with the burden that life has imposed on him. As Kelley Armstrong so aptly puts it, she’s awesome!

Jayné Heller has always lacked a clear direction in life. She just dropped out of college and she really doesn’t get along with her family. So when her Uncle Eric passes away and leaves her all of his material possessions (which includes properties all over the world, as well as a considerable amount of money), it seems like she has the chance to start her life over.

Except that this newfound wealth comes at a grim price. It turns out that his uncle has spent most of his life fighting a secret battle against “riders” – evil spirits who take over human bodies and then control them. And it seems that Jayné has the responsibility to continue this war where his uncle left off. . .

UNCLEAN SPIRITS is out now and we’ll be continuing the series over the next few months: DARKER ANGELS releases in February, VICIOUS GRACE in March and KILLING RITES in April.

Read a sample of IMPROPRIATE SPIRITS here!


A good start for an intriguing Urban Fantasy series, Unclean spirits introduces readers to a fascinating new supernatural world. MLN Hannover’s first novel in the genre is full of promise, and I’m excited to see where the next book leads”- book smugglers

Between the energetic rhythm of the novel, the undeniable charm of Jayné and the intriguing concept behind the riders, Unclean spirits is a solid entry into the urban fantasy genre” – fantasy book review

Hanover’s treatment of the subject makes it a very entertaining book where the pages turn too easily. I’ll be back for more and I think I’ll see you there with me ‘- Graeme’s Fantasy Book Review

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