Tribes of Midgard class guide: Skills and unlock requirements


Midgard Tribes has eight different classes for you to choose from. Some of these are available by default, and others will need to be unlocked based on specific requirements. These selections can greatly boost your character’s DPS output and survivability. here is our Midgard Tribes class guide to help you with skills and unlock requirements.

To note: For more information, see our Midgard Tribes guides and features hub.

Midgard Tribes: Class Guide – Class Skills and Unlock Requirements

Once you reach level 2 in Midgard Tribes, you will gain a blessing point (i.e. a skill point). This allows you to select a particular class and the following skills each time you level up. Remember, you can only choose one class for each race, so you have to start various games just to try everything out.

Midgard Tribes Class Guide Class Skills Unlock Berserker Unlock Sentinel Warden Achievement


The Ranger is available by default once you start your Midgard Tribes countryside. Some notable perks include “Haunting Feet I / II” (increased movement speed), “Piercing Arrows” (shoot through enemies), “Durable Weapons I / II” (increased weapon durability) and “Slow Poke” (slows down enemies hit by melee attacks).

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Warrior is also another class available by default in Midgard Tribes. He has skills such as “Power Within” (extra action / mana bar), “Untamed Ashes” (self-resurrected when downed instead of being teleported near the village) and “Final Act” (increases last hit damage in a combo chain).

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The Guardian requires you to defeat three Jotnar in Saga mode. You can read our guide to Jotnar boss fights to learn more about these giants.

The Guardian emphasizes a defensive style of play and tanking through its skills. Examples include “Durable Shields I / II” (increased durability of the shield), “Last Stand” (drop to 1 HP instead of dying), “Laws of Attraction” (provoke enemies when your shield is off), “Defensive Pillar “(block attacks from any direction) and” Judgment Passed “/” Judgment Denied “(gains mana by sustaining / blocking hits).

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You can unlock the Seer by using the Bifrost to exit a world in Saga mode 10 times. The Bifrost will still be inactive at the start of your run, so you must defeat at least one Jotnar to be able to use it. You can do this solo or with friends who can help. Just wait until the Jotnar is near the village, kill it, then take it out of there using the Bifrost. I wouldn’t recommend doing this via random matchmaking, as suddenly leaving a game after beating a Jotnar might make other players think you’re a jerk.

Either way, the Seer has a bunch of support skills like “Iðunn’s Seedling” (chance to spawn a seedling after a combo that will heal players), “Yggdrasil’s Roots” (stuns enemies within the seedling radius) , “Fast Revive” (reduced time required to revive allies), “Safe Revive” (can revive allies without being interrupted), and “Tempered” (negates the effects of temperature in some biomes).

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You can get the hunter if you manage to uncover all of the shrines / fast travel points in a Saga mode world, including those near the Glacier Peaks Bridge and Fenrir’s Lair. This process is more difficult than it looks if you are solo, as you have to beware of the Helthings and Jotnar rushing for your village. You’ll likely explore the map, then teleport to the village if necessary to avoid a steep endgame.

The Hunter shares certain skills with the Ranger (ie Dark Efficiency and Bow Mastery). However, it has other quirks like “Durable Tools I / II” (increases the durability of mining / cutting tools), “Bountiful Grasp” (doubles the ingredients and materials obtained when harvesting), “Skaði’s Spirit “(chance to create a decoy that distracts enemies when rolling / running away) and” Sharp Eyes I / II “(reveals the fog of war landscape on the map).

Tribes Of Midgard Class Guide Class Skills Unlock Berserker Unlock Sentinel Warden 1a


Unlock the Berserker in Midgard Tribes can be a bit tricky as you have to kill 20 enemies in 10 seconds in saga mode. However, it can be done with a little patience. First, collect enough souls and materials until you can upgrade at least one of the village gates to level 2 or 3. Then wait for swarms of Helthings to start arriving. If it’s day 6 or if the Blood Moon is active, you will see more crowds thronging, unable to pass due to the fortified gate. Once there are twenty or so monsters grouped together, go down to the front of the door and use your AoE attacks to wipe out everyone.

Alternatively, you can try this when the Fimbulwinter is about to start as it guarantees longer nights and more enemy spawns. Just make sure you already have the wooden planks, dressed stone, and wrought iron materials on hand. If NPC Tinker is distracted by enemies, you won’t be able to trade these materials when needed.

Regardless, the Berserker has notable durability (weapons) and mastery quirks (axes and hammers). Still, he has some nifty skills like “Striking Fear” (stuns nearby enemies), “Battle Resistance I / II” (stun and slows resistance), “Critical Hits I / II” (chance to deal damage). extremely high combo numbers), and “Wrath Unleashed” / “Wrath Apaiseed” (gain anger while attacking and unleash it using a blast / gain mana while you’re at it).

Tribes Of Midgard Class Guide Class Skills Unlock Berserker Unlock Sentinel Warden 2


The Sentinel class in Midgard Tribes, similar to the Berserker, has a tricky unlocking requirement. Basically you have to block 25 attacks in 10 seconds while playing Saga Mode. What you’ll need to do is bring some extra potions and shields (just in case) and head to Pool Country, Ash Beach, or any lair. In these areas you should encounter little monsters (I just call them goblins). Some of them use melee attacks while others can throw projectiles. Just pull out your shield and try to block each hit to do the count.

The Sentinel has very useful defensive skills. Examples include “Syn’s Shield Wall” (grants armor to allies near you), “Auroral Solace I / II” (passive health regeneration), “Critical Barrier” (blocks critical attacks made against you), “Focused Parry “(perfectly blocking attacks stuns enemies) and” No Mercy I / II “(increased damage against stunned enemies). Likewise, you will also get the “Shield Throw” and “Shield Ring” abilities.

Tribes Of Midgard Class Guide Class Skills Unlock Berserker Unlock Sentinel Warden 3


The Warden class in Midgard Tribes has a fairly straightforward unlocking requirement. But, you have to be at your best in soloing, or you have to be with some buddies who can help you out. This is because you have to survive until day 15 in Saga mode. Try to strengthen your village’s defenses, while upgrading your equipment and taking out Jotnar before they get too close for added comfort.

The manager has a bunch of useful support skills. Some notable ones are “Hermóðr’s Waystone” (a way to travel quickly with additional benefits in the branch), “Dwarven Made” (the equipment will always be durable), “Keeper’s Hands I / II” (reduced manufacturing costs), ” Haggler “(buy and sell goods for better prices) and” Stairway to Asgard “(unlock Aesir building options). The Guardian is also able to increase your abilities with “Rune Carver” (earning a sixth rune slot). Finally, avoid getting “Potion Stacker” (increases the number of potions in your inventory) as it doesn’t seem to work properly.

Tribes Of Midgard Class Guide Class Skills Unlock Berserker Unlock Sentinel Warden 4

Midgard Tribes is available through Steam. For more information, check out our guides and feature hub.

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