Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Guide – All Legendary Armor, and How to Get the Amalgam


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Despite all the attention guns and melee weapons will receive, armor is just as important in The wonders of Tiny Tina. It not only provides points for specific skills, increasing their power, but can also free up those points for other skills in the tree. So instead of spending two points on a skill, you just need to spend one to unlock it – the armor will then level up, leaving you with a free skill point to use elsewhere.

With legendary armor sets, it is also possible to get a boost to your class power as well as various passive bonuses. The best legendary armor in the game is undoubtedly the Amalgam. With points for two specific skills and a class power boost, he drops with a huge passive bonus of five. This comes at the cost of a one-time bonus that all other legendary armor has, but the stat increases are more than worth it.

You can find the Amalgamation in the Weepwild Dankness where the Ancient Obelisk is (near the fast travel point for the Busted-Ass Ruins). It drops from Monstrous Shrooms so there’s quite a bit of farming to do. Remember that it can drop with different affixes and bonuses, so it may take several tries to find the right drop for your build.

Check out all the other legendary armor in the game and how to get it below:

  • Blank Slate – Increases XP gain by 10%. May have other passive bonuses or none. It’s a world drop, so it can drop from anywhere (which makes it harder to farm). Good for when you want to replay the game and level a second character.
  • Calamity – Briefly increases Fire damage by 10%, stacking up to 10x, for each unique enemy you hit. Obtained from the Ancient Obelisk in Sunfang Oasis from Oculus enemies.
  • Claw – Drops from the Obsidian Wyvern at the Ancient Tangledrift Obelisk. Converts companion damage to E damage and also increases E damage by 20% on enemies that have been hit by companions.
  • Corrupted Platemail – Quest reward from “Fatebreaker”, it is obtained from the Dragon Lord in the Crest of Fate. Increases Dark Magic effectiveness by 30% while converting 30% of damage dealt into Dark Magic damage.
  • Deathless Cloak – Drops from the Death Rattler at the ancient obelisk in The Fearamid. Reduces room regeneration delay by 50%, but reserves your entire HP pool, except for 1 HP, and increases room capacity by 150%. In short, it’s like Chaos Inoculation from Path of exile and intended for those who favor Ward builds.
  • Diamond Gauntlets – Drops from minibosses in the Late Game Chaos Chamber. While stationary, gain 50% critical strike chance, black magic effectiveness, and damage for a specific element.
  • Serpent’s Head – Obtained from Salissa in Sunfang Oasis as part of “The Ditcher” quest. Periodically teleports Hydra’s companions to itself with kills extending Hydra’s duration by 30%.
  • Pandemecium – Reward from the “Walk the Stalk” quest, obtained by killing Parasite in the Tangledrift. When an enemy takes Poison damage over time, they have a 15% chance to explode, dealing a certain amount of Poison damage to nearby enemies.
  • Selective Amnesia – Reward from “Fatebreaker” quest in The Fearamid. When you take non-elemental damage, you will have the Fire status effect (meaning you are on fire). This increases movement speed and leaves a trail of fire for three seconds while increasing damage dealt based on movement speed.
  • Smart Armor – Obtained as a quest reward “Slayer of Vorcanar” by killing Vorcanar in Mount Craw. Increases critical damage by 50% but reduces critical strike chance by 50%.
  • Warped Paradigm – Reward from “A Small Favor” quest by killing Kastor in Tangledrift. The increase in ability damage will increase spell and melee damage by 50%.

Discover our opinion on The wonders of Tiny Tina here. It is currently available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC with full cross-platform play support.

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