The Subterrene War Clips Alex Lencicki February 21, 2012


In March, we launch EXOGENE (US | UK | AZ), the newest book in TC McCarthy’s exciting Subterrene War series. To introduce the world to readers, TC has scripted a short video story featuring interviews in the world from the frontlines. Visit to view the clips.

About the videos:

The Underground War is a war waged in the future, in Central Asia, between the United States and Russia over the mining rights of certain very rare earth metals that are crucial for building high-powered technology.

We have a new weapon in this war, often fought underground and in mines (hence the name): germline units. American citizens know very little about these weapons, only that they are used. The government assures us that they are not “persons”. But the germ units all look like young girls and are raised into adolescence in vats, then sent to the battlefield with pre-programmed notions of death and honor.

In the Subterrene War Clips, a small documentary crew was able to access individual interviews in the rear area. The government subsequently heavily censored their work, and few of them were seen; until now.

A small group of activists were able to recover four clips from these interviews, and they reveal startling truths about the state of the war.

Watch the clips at

Praise of EXOGENE:

“…a rumination on identity and faith, anchored by a protagonist who brings surprising and moving depths to familiar science fiction concepts.”

— Kirkus (star rating)

“…a brutal and harrowing sequel to Germ line…the conclusion is both heartbreaking and triumphant, and quite fitting for the brutal, bloody, and beautiful story.
— The publishers’ weekly (star rating)

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