The Sims 4 guide: How to garden and grow crops


The sims 4 has a surprisingly thorough gardening system, which isn’t too difficult to start with. At its most basic level, gardening in The sims 4 is simply buying or finding seeds, planting them, caring for them and harvesting them. However, depending on what expansion packs you own and your dedication to gardening, it can be much more than that.

If you have the Seasons Expansion Pack, you can also choose a gardening career, and you’ll definitely need to work on your Sim’s gardening skill levels to get promotions. If you are too lazy to go through all the training to improve your skill level, you can always use a cheat code.

Our The sims 4 guide explains how to get started in gardening and how to get started with advanced gardening techniques.

Plant and maintain your garden

To start gardening at The sims 4, here’s all you need to do:

  1. Do you sim order seed packets via their phone or computer.
  2. Open the seed packets that will appear in your SMS inventory. This will give you flowers or whole produce, rather than real seeds.
  3. Drag the product or flower that came out of the seed packet to where you want to plant it. Gardens can be made in bare earth on your land or in pots.
  4. Select the product or the flower or the choice and select “plant. ”

You did it! You have planted your first plants. You’ll have to the water and grass them, which will appear as selectable options if needed, so it’s important to check the plants every now and then.

If you have the Seasons Expansion Pack, you’ll also need to make sure the crop you’re growing is in season, which the plant will say when you hover over it.

The Sims 4 inventory UI showing grapes and fruits of different qualities

A grape of normal quality, which can only be harvested in the fall
Credit: Maxis / Electronic Arts via Polygon

Once you take care of a plant for long enough, the possibility of to evolve it will appear, allowing it to produce a better quality product.

Increase your gardening skill level

Your gardening skill level will increase as you take care of your plants, but you can also purchase gardening books and have your Sim read them to increase your skill level. Once your Sim has reached Gardening skill level 2, they will be able to research plants on a computer, which will also increase their Gardening skill level.

When you reach certain skill levels, you can unlock more actions to help you with your gardening:

  • Gardening skill level 1: Plant, harvest, water, weed and sell plants, buy starter, seasonal and catnip seed packets
  • Gardening Skill Level 2: Research of plants, bodies of water at the same time, evolution of plants, research of gardening on computer
  • Gardening skill level 3: Fertilize plants
  • Gardening level 4: Talk to the plants, harvest the areas at a time
  • Gardening skill level 5: Make plant cuttings, graft plants
  • Gardening skill level 6: Weed the areas at once
  • Gardening Skill Level 7: Buy packets of rare and agricultural seeds, spray areas for insects
  • Gardening Skill Level 8: invade bonsai trees, super sell plants
  • Gardening Skill Level 9: Tender the garden (water and weed entire areas at once)
  • Gardening Skill Level 10: Buy packets of rare seeds

Grafting plants

Once your Sim reaches Gardening skill level 5, you can begin grafting plants. This is the only way to get some of the rare gardening items in The sims 4. To do this, you will need to cut a piece of a plant and graft it onto a target plant. This will allow a hybrid plant to develop, allowing the growth of several products at once.

Once you’ve grafted a plant, the target plant will need time to regrow. We have featured grafting combinations below, courtesy of The sims 4 Wiki Fandom.

The Sims 4 Garden Grafting Combinations

Plant 1 Plant 2 Results
Plant 1 Plant 2 Results
Blue bells Strawberry Grapes
sage Basil Parsley
Pear Lemon Plantain
Tulip Chrysanthemum Bird of Paradise
Daisy Strawberry Bonsai buds
Grapes Pink Bonsai buds
Dragon fruit Snapdragon Cow berry
Strawberry Snapdragon Dragon fruit
Read Snapdragon Orchid
Apple Cherry Grenade
Orchid Grenade Flower of death
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