The Medium PS5 Trailer Details DualSense Implementation


The way

Bloober Team Psychological Horror Title The way launched for Xbox Series X/S and PC earlier this year, and in less than a month it will also make its way to the PS5. While overall you can expect the same experience as other platforms, the game will use the PS5’s DualSense trigger in an interesting way, which was detailed in a recent trailer.

The way will use the adaptive triggers for the in-game Spirit Blast mechanic, with the triggers providing less resistance the more you charge the move. As for the haptic feedback, when walking through swarms of moths while using the Spirit Shield, you will feel moths attacking your shield from all directions through vibrations in the controller. Meanwhile, in sections where you hide from the Maw and hold your breath to sneak your way past him, the strength and intensity of haptic feedback will increase the longer you hold your breath.

On the PS5, The way will also use the controller’s touchpad and gyroscope. While picking up and studying objects, for example, you can use the touchpad to move them around (although you can also do this normally using the analog stick. Meanwhile, while studying your surroundings at first person, you can use the motion controls to look around.

Finally, the light bar and the speaker of the controller will also have a role to play. When using tools such as the bolt cutters to get over obstacles, the sound they make will play through the controller’s speaker. The lightbar, on the other hand, will mimic Marianne’s flashlight, so if the flashlight flashes, the lightbar will too.

The way will launch on PS5 on September 5th.

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