The Legend of Eli Monpress Anna Jackson January 31, 2012


The whimsical fantasy tale The Legend of Eli Monpress featuring The Spirit Thief, The Spirit Rebellion and The Spirit Eater, perfect for fans of KE Mills' Rogue Agent series and Scott Lynch's The Lies of Locke Lamora Released in February is The Legend of Eli Monpress (US | UK | ANZ) – Rachel Aaron’s fantastical tale of the incorrigible thief who plans to pull off the greatest heist in history. . . If you are a fan of the Rogue Agent series by KE Mills or Scott Lynch Lies of Locke Lamora then it’s probably on your street. You can taste the delights of an extract here.

This edition contains the three titles The Spirit Thief, the Spirit Rebellion and The Mind Eater – all in one handy volume and complete with this gorgeous packaging by Sam Weber (see this great post here showing him at work in his studio on these same illustrations).

Take a minute to stop by Rachel Aaron’s attractive new site, where she recently posted some very interesting tidbits, like this fantastic book trailer made by our friends at Orbit France for the very sophisticated French version of The Legend of Eli Monpress. Also check out this extremely creative pictorial review for The Spirit Thieffirst part of Legend. Great effort!

Read on for the blurb and some great reviews:

Eli Monpress has talent. He is charming. And he’s a thief.

But not just any thief. He’s the greatest thief of all time – and he’s also a wizard. And with the help of his partners – a swordsman with the most powerful magic sword in the world but no magic ability of its own, and a demon seed that can walk through shadows and pierce walls – he will put his plan into action.

The first step is to increase the size of the bounty on his head, so he will have to steal big things. But he’ll start small for now. He’ll just steal something that no one will miss – at least for a while.

Like a king.

Aaron’s fantasy debut is the first in a trilogy about unrepentant thief Eli Monpress. . . Fast and fun, Spirit Thief introduces a fascinating new world and a complex magical system based on cooperation with the spirits that reside in all living objects. Aaron’s characters are fully fleshed out and have complex personalities, motivations, and backstories that only gradually reveal themselves. . . Highly recommended for all fantasy readers. – LIST OF BOOKS

Witty, smart, lively, sassy, ​​fast, furious and let’s not forget the fun. . . Rachel Aaron doesn’t knock on the door so much as she knocks on it – TOM HOLT

The Spirit Thief is a delightfully vertiginous novel – KAREN MILLER

Ironic humor, endearing characters and heart-pounding action – GAIL MARTIN

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