The Griffin Mage — Now in one Volume! The Orbit Team November 30, 2011


The Griffin Mage (US | UK | ANZ) by Rachel Neumeier is now available!

It contains the complete Griffin Mage trilogy: Lord of the changing wind, land of burning sands and Law of the Broken Earth.

When I first read the book, I thought her writing style was exactly like Patricia McKillip’s – and instead of Naomi Novik’s dragons – we have griffins. And of course the griffins made me think of another popular series: Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern.

This omnibus edition is the story of the war between men and griffins – and the young girl, torn between two worlds, who will decide the fate of them all.

Not much happens in the quiet villages of peaceful Feierabiand. The course of Kes’ life seems set: she will become a herbalist and healer for the village of Minas Ford, never quite comfortable but always more or less accepted. And she is content with this path – or she thinks she is. Until the day the griffins descend from the mountains, bringing with them the fiery wind of their desert and a desperate need for a healer. But what the gryphons need is a healer who isn’t quite human. . . or a healer who can be turned into something not quite human.

Read the powerful opening that just blew us away here, and below you can see the look from the original series:

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