Sushi Go! Strategy Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Go Sushi!  Strategic advice: dos and don'ts

Go Sushi! Strategic advice: dos and don’ts

Go Sushi! is a solid starter for new players to get used to the card-drafting mechanic. Once new players understand the mechanics of the game, the actual execution of those mechanics becomes doubly important. Go Sushi! offers plenty of cards to sift through. What you will need to consider is that choosing the right card can be the difference between winning or losing the game.

If you are new to Sushi Go !, I recommend you check out Sushi Go! how to play the guide i have set up. Once you get the hang of that, it’s time to take a closer look at the game. If you want it as a video, you can check it out on the My Board Game Guides Youtube channel. Otherwise, if you look at it well as text, then read on!

Go Sushi! To do

Go Sushi!  Strategic advice: dos and don'ts

1. Watch what your opponents are up to:

In particular, look to see if they need to have any finished sets, whether it’s a 10 point sashimi set or a full dumpling collection. When you pay attention to the cards they drafted, you may be able to find opportunities to deny them the cards they need to maximize their set points.

2. Aim for a card / point ratio greater than 2 if possible:

In Sushi Go !, the name of the game is efficiency. Each card you choose should either give you a big advantage or prevent your opponents from scoring a ton of points. While playing Sushi Go !, try to score at least 2 points for each card you draw. If you manage to achieve this goal, you will give yourself a very good chance of winning.

3. Balance your priorities between pointing and refusing:

Remember that when you play Sushi Go !, winning by 5 points equals winning by 1 point. If you’re in the lead, your goal should be to protect that lead, whether that’s making sure you don’t finish last in the Pudding Race or making sure no one gets away with collecting heaps of reel points. Maki or Sashimi Cards.

Go Sushi! Not to do

1. Don’t have tunnel vision on your own board:

Focusing only on yourself is the biggest pitfall you can make in this game. If you just look at your board and try to maximize your own point values, you might be missing out on a card or a set of cards that can be worth more than points to your opponents than you. For example, this Sashimi can be worth 0 points for you, but 10 points for your opponent. Giving your opponent a 10 point card is like losing 10 points. You are not going to win that way.

Go Sushi!  Strategic advice: dos and don'ts

2. Engage in fights you can’t win:

It can be tempting to fight to collect Dumplings or a large amount of cards like Maki Rolls cards. However, it can be a double-edged sword. Remember, Maki Rolls are worth 6 points. If you think you can win first place with 3 Maki roll cards, do so because you still have an average of 2 points per card. Or if you’re the only one collecting Dumplings, then go for it. Any more than that and you risk over-investing in those cards and missing out on other point opportunities.

Go Sushi!  Strategic advice: dos and don'ts

3. Ignore the puddings:

As you collect those Dumplings, Tempura, and even the occasional Wasabi / Squid nigiri combo, you might be tempted to switch to Puddings, those cards that only really have an impact at the end of the game. the part. Forget them at your own peril, because if you suddenly find yourself with the fewest puddings you’ll see a 12 point switch in favor of someone else, which can cause you to lose the lead altogether.

Hope these tips help you build your strategy base for Sushi Go! and help you play better. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave your own tips in the comments section below so other players can learn and improve!

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