Star Wars Imperial Assault Chronicles – An Auspicious Beginning

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chronicles - A Auspicious Start

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chronicles – A Auspicious Start

I actually didn’t expect to play Star Wars Imperial Assault this weekend. It’s one of those things that sort of happens by coincidence when friends and relatives decide they’d rather play board games than watch the Super Bowl.

Unlike my previous play session involving Star Wars Imperial Assault, this was an entirely different group and a different group means showing them the ropes of my role in the tutorial mission and seeing if they wanted to try more. We set up the board, I deployed my usual group of Stormtroopers, Imperial officers, and E-Web engineers, and they got down to choosing their characters, settling on the female Han Solo, aspiring her. Jedi, the pointy-eared sniper and good old-fashioned commando soldier.

Unfortunately they had a lot more problems than I expected. In the tutorial mission, the Aspirant Jedi got off to a good start, defeating the Probe Droid, but leaving himself exceptionally vulnerable to the E-web Engineer who only did one trick, using his ability to shoot twice to bring it to a wounded. State. On the other side, the mission was nearly lost as the stormtroopers all walked through, rushing to the computers and hoping they could activate them. Fortunately, Sniper and Commando managed to send them out before it was too late.

Although they managed to win, it was a shaky start to say the least. Things didn’t get better in the first storyline, titled “Aftermath” either. From the start, powerful defense jets and the probe droid devising a well-placed suicide attack caused heavy damage against 3 of the 4 heroes. As difficult as it was, the situation only got worse, especially when the soldier found himself trapped in a room teeming with stormtroopers and an E-Web engineer as his allies helplessly threw everything they could. had in the very tough door with the budding Jedi and the woman. Han Solo completely hurt. Despite everything, the heroes managed to win, but as with my first group, it was very tight.

We were able to save enough time for just one more mission, where I managed to get one of those bad boys out.

Star Wars Imperial Assault Chronicles - A Auspicious Start

Without spoiling too much, the storyline the characters went through was not conducive to a quick read and there were times when I was confused because I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. I also missed some pretty critical details that would have tipped the scales in my favor had they been successful. What I enjoyed was the desperate expression on people’s faces when I had the chance to come out of the Trandoshan hunters accompanied by the AT-ST just to bring out the fear. The moment was fleeting; they managed to get the situation under control by overtaking me and ran out of time. I managed to kill the commando, so it was pretty cool.

Since we’ve completed three missions (if you include the tutorial mission), the game clearly resonated with the group. The only negatives seemed to be the fact that Imperial Assault relied a lot on the dice roll. Ultimately, however, I think the right tactics will rule the day (I had to make some tactical suggestions as some people weren’t using their abilities at the right time) and, as with my office group, I’m looking for to move the campaign forward just a little bit more!

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