Sony reportedly changes up Twisted Metal reboot developer


Sony reportedly changed Twisted Metal reboot developer

Twisted metal

The rumor of rebirth is apparently in new hands

the Twisted Metal the reboot that is said to be in development at Lucid Games now appears to be headed for another studio. VGC reports that Sony has given the keys to the Twisted metal restart on another developer.

VGC, which also reported on the revival of the Vehicle Fighting Series last year, said Sony is moving development to one of its proprietary studios in Europe. Although their sources did not provide a reason, one of them suggested that a wrong answer to AllStars Destruction could have been a factor.

Neither Sony nor Lucid have commented on the matter to VGC, and no new studios have been named. Bearing in mind that the Twisted metal the reboot has only been reported for now, which isn’t too much of a surprise.

Considering that there is a Twisted metal The ongoing TV series and reboot would coincide with that, it’s a bit of a strain on who’s behind the wheel now. Sony has just made a number of acquisitions over the past year, although it’s not clear if any of them will eventually take over.

As for Lucid, I was actually interested in a potential new team project. AllStars Destruction had its flaws, but Lucid seemed like the right team for the job in terms of auto combat. Hopefully the team moves on to a new project.

I’m always curious what a modern is Twisted metal looks like, since vehicle fighting games haven’t really been much these days. Considering what Rocket league made for cars and football, however, maybe a Twisted metal restarting might do the trick. We’ll see what happens as more news emerges on the project.

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