Sony E3 2017 Preview: PS4 Price Cut, God of War, PS4 Games On PS Now, New Games And More


IIt’s that time of year again, folks. No, not the time when you buy a bunch of games on Steam and let them rot in your library for eternity. We are talking about being excited and not totally believing every trailer in the engine that is offered to you. Time to fight against expectations, temper them accordingly lest people laugh at you for getting too turned on (how were you supposed to know that Mass Effect: Andromeda would be “meh” anyway?). It’s E3 2017 speculation / preview time!

The focus is on Sony’s E3 presser taking place on June 12e 6 o’clock from the Pacific. After shipping some 60 million units, dominating the year with solid exclusives, and having several more ready for later, Sony has definitely reaffirmed its status as the pack leader. How could you overcome a period that had Horizon: Zero Dawn, Tales of Berseria, Gravity Rush 2, Nioh, Yakuza 0 and Persona 5? You can not. There isn’t a quarter for a platform in recent memory that has been as rich in high-quality titles as the first quarter of 2017 for the PS4.

“Now Detroit: become human? Forget it in 2017. “

With its E3 presser, however, Sony will be impatient. Although Guerrilla Games has confirmed that a story expansion is in development for Horizon: Zero Dawn, it is unlikely to be seen. However, the announcement of a name and a projected release date seems realistic. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will have more gameplay footage and since it was released roughly two months after E3, it wouldn’t be strange for Sony to start launching its next major expansion in AAA history early. We also expect Sony to present Gran Turismo Sport like its big PS4 game for the holidays this year and it’s fair to assume that the press event will end with footage from The Last of Us: part 2. We’re also likely to see Sucker Punch’s new IP address in some form during the conference.

Sony has this weird relationship with release dates where everything featured looks great but is often far removed (or dated in other places like PlayStation Experience or, well, the PlayStation Blog). That being said, I fully await the next one God of the war be finally – after all these rumors – confirmed for a 2018 release. They might even add something like “mid 2018”. Time will tell, but given the impact of the initial trailer, I wouldn’t put it above Sony to start getting fans excited. Expect more gameplay, including another trailer that will be more dazzling than the previous one.

There hasn’t been much word on Days Gone since it was announced last year. My gut tells me its debut yet and we won’t see it until next year. However, I think Sony will release a ton of information about the game and release it in time for the Fall Flood. The logic is as follows – Days Gone is a relatively new IP address and nowhere near as epic (at first glance, at least) as something like Horizon: Zero Dawn. However, if it comes out this year, it offers competition for State of decomposition 2 on the Xbox One, potentially siphoning off interested consumers with its own zombie motif. It’s not the best logic but hey, Days Gone may also add to what currently looks like a lean fall release schedule for PS4.

Now Detroit: become human? Forget it in 2017. David Cage of Quantic Dream has already spoken about the scale of the game’s business. When you consider how long it took, say, Supermassive Games to release a cinematic adventure game based on the decision like Until Dawn Detroit: Become Human is very unlikely to arrive this year. Yes, these are very different circumstances but whatever, next year seems more reasonable for Detroit.

“I fully expect Red Dead Redemption 2 make an appearance at the Sony conference, if only to confirm its release date. “

What exactly is happening with Media Molecule Dreams although? Well, the beta will take place this year, so E3 will be where Sony announces it. Maybe even launch the beta on June 12e himself. That’s all that’s gonna happen with Dreams this year it seems to me.

There are also several jokers in play. talent 2 has received positive impressions lately, so more gameplay at E3 (and a possible release date) seems fair. Death stranding will likely have a new trailer, although Kojima and co. still seem far from the gameplay. I’m fully waiting Red Dead Redemption 2 making an appearance at the Sony conference in one form or another. This is something that happened with Grand Theft Auto 5 at E3 2014, when Rockstar announced it would arrive on current-gen consoles. Spider-Man PS4 could receive its official name although any potential gameplay could still be incorporated into the engine. Then again, there have been rumors of a release date in 2017. Maybe we are seeing some real gameplay and it will actually release in early 2018? As for Kingdom Hearts 3… Well, all we can do is pray at this point. Perhaps that of Michel Ancel Savage will also make an appearance because what else does he have to show?

Activision being Activision means they will unveil Call of Duty: WWII (with Star Wars Battlefront 2) Multiplayer at Sony Presser. Single-player footage is also expected as it adds to the glitz and glamor and we expect to hear about that same 30-day DLC exclusive deal. PS4 first, Activision and Sony are friends, blah blah. I’m also waiting for a trailer for Destiny 2 to appear with some images of the multiplayer. Bungie will likely allow competitive multiplayer to be played through outlets on the E3 show, allowing for a wide spread of positive opinions as opposed to a brief look that might raise doubts. But yeah, be careful that this PS4 exclusive content is featured as well, because Bungie doesn’t miss Microsoft and try to stick with them. Not at all. No.

“Somehow I have a feeling Sony will finally tell us when the PS4 games hit PlayStation Now.”

I’m actually curious to see how Sony is handling its PlayStation VR storefront this year. Year two is usually a big one for technology like this and since it’s apparently doing well there should be a few announcements. Like last year, I doubt it will take too long on stage. Ditto for the PlayStation Vita. Sony’s support for the handheld is actually quite underrated and while it will continue to receive games, it is unlikely to have much of a stage presence beyond ‘indie X to coming to PS4 and Vita ”.

Either way, I feel like Sony will finally tell us when the PS4 games hit PlayStation Now. Again, that would be more of an encroachment on Microsoft’s land than anything else. With all the talk about integration and unified platforms Microsoft has been talking about, it wouldn’t be strange to see Sony try to take a piece of this pie. Or maybe I just want to know when I can play PS4 games on PC.

Finally, with Project Scorpio released this holiday season, the time seems to have come for Sony to cut some prices. It could be the PS4 Pro for a limited time or even the PlayStation VR. Either way, Sony has a very comfortable E3 ahead of it. If he sticks to his biggest names, announces a few new titles and presents a compelling fall-holiday 2017 program (what if talent 2 doesn’t suck completely like the original), then this could be the best year for PS4 owners. Keep those “Remember: No Preorders” memes ready just in case.

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