Settlers of Catan Strategy Tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Strategic advice from the settlers of Catania: dos and don'ts

Strategic advice from the settlers of Catania: dos and don’ts

Settlers of Catan is generally classified as a gateway game to modern board games. For me it was truly a catwalk that took me to deeper waters where I clung to other favorites like Agricola and Power Grid once I found out how exciting board games are. . I have clearly not wavered in this enthusiasm.

What makes Settlers of Catan such a great game to introduce to new players is its combination of easy-to-learn rules and mechanics, interaction with players, and obvious, easy-to-grasp heuristics / objectives. For this reason, the strategies I am going to describe in this Catan Settlers Strategy Guide shouldn’t be some sort of science fiction. As you go through this list of dos and don’ts while playing the game, I recommend that you use it as a tool to gauge how well you have played Catan and if there are any holes in it. the strategies you use. If you want it as a video, you can check it out on the My Board Game Guides Youtube channel. Otherwise, if you look at it well as text, then read on! This style of d20 will surprise you.

The settlers of Catania Do’s

1. Initial placement is essential:

Due to how this game unfolds, everything you do from this point on is based on where you place your first settlements. It determines what resources you get, your avenues of expansion, and the strategies you pursue. For example, Wood / Brick gives you access to roads and more settlements while Grain / Ore gives you the bigger army and the ability to get out of towns quickly. When placing your settlements and initial routes, try not to point your routes towards the middle of the board as this is where people will rush to colonize, exposing you to fierce competition.

2. Aim for a variety of resource numbers:

Stable resource production is a way for you to keep up a good pace and fight your way to victory. For this reason, it is advisable, when making your initial placement, to try to get a variety of starting numbers. For example, placing your two colonies adjacent to two 8’s will give you a game that lends itself to feast or famine. Feast if people roll a lot of 8s, but famine if they roll the equally common 6s instead. So be sure to cover a good chunk of the results of the dice rolls and that will make your job much easier.

3. Understand which resources are scarce:

The cool thing about Settlers of Catan is that whatever your strategy is, eventually you will need all the resources. And if any of the resources turn out to be scarce, expect fierce competition! Use these scarce resources to your advantage by aggressively negotiating and making deals that border on highway theft.

Strategic advice from the settlers of Catania: dos and don'ts

4. Invest in Knights:

Using these strategies above means you’ll be able to take the lead over smaller opponents. Taking the lead is dangerous as it then attracts bandits to try to block your generation of resources or steal resources from your warm, living hands. This is why it is important that you collect development cards to acquire knights. Not only do knights prevent people from squatting the thief in your territory, they are also useful as threats, if you can wield him as a retaliatory measure or to strike a trade deal.

5. Use the thief wisely:

It probably goes without saying, but placing a thief should hamper the biggest threat for you and in general experienced Catan players will understand if this is what you are doing. Less forgiving is when you use it early on, hitting multiple people at once. It tends to leave a bad taste in the mouths of people seeking revenge. It’s no fun having multiple people shooting at you. Also, if you can’t figure out who’s the thief, place it on the person to your right. Chances are it will stay there longer.

The settlers of Catania what not to do

1. Talk to the person in the lead:

In order for the exchanges to gain approval from both sides, the exchange should benefit the other person in some way. This concept of mutual benefit means that if you negotiate with the person in the lead, they are more likely to stay ahead or even extend their lead. So avoid helping your opponents by not interacting with someone who is in front.

2. Forget to pay attention to people’s point totals:

Sounds obvious, right? Well, what’s not so obvious is the fact that people often only count their opponents’ raw score without paying for the potential score they might actually have. For example, if someone has 2 knights and 3 other development cards up their sleeve and everyone has only one knight at most, that player may already have 2 more points in the bag thanks to the special achievement. of the knight. Disregard this and this player can sneak a win right under your nose. So don’t be surprised with your pants down.

3. Forget to defend your achievements:

If you’re good enough or cunning enough to get your hands on the Longest Road (2 VP) or Bigger Army (2 VP) achievements, don’t forget to defend it! 2 points in a game of Catan brings you closer to 20% of the victory condition than before. Being lax in defending these achievements is really damaging to your game as losing it results in a 4 point swing in favor of someone else. You lose 2 points while someone gains 2 points. Losing an achievement changes the dynamics of the game, and the board position can change drastically when this happens.

Strategic advice from the settlers of Catania: dos and don'ts

4. Leave a settlement space empty after building the necessary road square (s):

Honestly, if it’s economically feasible, you should be able to build a colony after you’ve built the road segments required to build a colony in the first place. I have come across many scenarios where people are unable to do this and end up losing this slot to another enterprising player. The reason is that once the road structures are placed and no regulations are placed afterwards, you have created a huge priority that people focus on because they know that if they take this place, they will not only deny you a chance in getting that place, they will have wasted your efforts in building the roads to that place.

5. Ignore ports:

For a game that is all about trading with other players, it’s easy to forget how crucial ports are, especially late in the game. Towards the end of the game, people won’t want to trade with you as it will bring you closer to victory, so you will have to rely on autarky to get those final victory points. Ports help you in this regard by giving you favorable trading conditions at the stage of the game where you are already producing a lot of goods anyway. So use them, get the resources you need on the cheap, and laugh as you hit that 10th final victory point.

Hope these tips will help you build your strategic base in Settlers of Catan and help you play better. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave your own tips in the comments section below so other players can learn and improve!

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