Revised PlayStation 5 Spotted In Australia, Goes Live On Sale Silently



Recent spotting of the updated PlayStation 5 in Australia was reported by Press-Start, which allegedly found a PlayStation 5 with the updated serial number. Sony intended to modify its console to meet the demands, and the updated model went on sale silently.

To be clear, the revised PlayStation 5 has little to no difference in performance and power consumption. The two most notable differences are that the stand comes with a hand adjustable screw and weighs 300 grams less than the launch version. This latest difference hints at hardware swaps, but fans shouldn’t expect anything substantial on that front.

Of course, it makes perfect sense that Sony doesn’t make big announcements for this updated model. Since there are no performance differences, it would likely cause more confusion among fans than excitement. Sony’s latest and greatest sold like hot cakes, and it became the best-selling console in US history – selling well over 10 million units at the time of launch. writing.

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