Returnal: Where to Deposit Datacubes


Returnal is full of mysterious enemies, locations, and items. Some of these items can aid Selene in her exploration, while others can make the journey more difficult. Datacubes are definitely on the more positive end of this spectrum if you know how to use them. Here is all the information you need on where to deposit the Datacubes in Returnal.

Where to drop Datacubes in Returnal

Datacubes aren’t really useful in their original raw state. When you find them, their item description will tell you to “drop” them into a “matching device” instead of telling you what they actually do. The device you are looking for is called a Datacube processor.

They are usually found next to boss rooms. In fact, the first one you come across should appear in the overgrown ruins right after defeating Phrike, the game’s first boss. This is what the device looks like:

Datacube processor back

Once inserted into a processor, the Datacubes will transform into a one-of-a-kind artifact that can provide a powerful passive buff to Selene for the remainder of this execution. This is basically a reward for defeating a boss in Returnal, as every boss room except the last must arrive just before a room that contains a Datacube processor.

Data cubes eventually become useful after being processed, but the problem here is that you can only keep one at a time. So, before you find a processor, you will probably come across several Datacubes. This forces you to pick one with a name that looks promising, as cubes don’t actually say what buffs they will provide up front.

However, once a Datacube has been processed at least once, you will still be able to see its Artifact effect in future executions.

That’s all you need to know about where to deposit the Datacubes in Returnal. Be sure to check out our wiki guide for more tips, tricks, and other useful gameplay information if you’re looking for more pointers.

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