Returnal: How to Unlock Weapon Traits


Returnal is a tough game, and you’ll have to use all the perks the game gives you to get you through it, especially if you’re looking to get the secret ending. If you’re wondering how to make guns even more powerful, we’ve got the info you need here. here is how to unlock weapon traits in Returnal.

How to unlock weapon traits in Returnal

Traits are basically passive effects or characteristics that a gun can have, and they can be extremely useful depending on what they’re doing. To unlock the weapon traits of a specific weapon, you will need to eliminate many enemies and use the weapon in combat as often as possible. More traits will appear as unlockable options as your skill increases.

In the screenshot below, the skill level is the little white meter next to the star symbol at the very bottom left of the screen. Selene is at skill level 1. The meter will start at zero with each run, but will increase as you kill enemies or collect Calibrator Artifacts. You can also see that the trait unlocked for the Tachyomatic Rifle is a critical hit, while the one locked for the Spitmaw Blaster is Wide Maw.

return weapon traits

Weapon Traits in Returnal will start off as Locked, but as you kill enough, the Trait will automatically unlock and activate. Also, as the skill increases you will find that the weapons start to have higher levels of familiar traits, multiple traits at once, and even new traits that you’ve never seen before.

It’s also important to note that increasing Selene’s skill will affect the levels of the weapons you find, which, in turn, will affect their traits. You will never find a weapon lower than your skill level. The Tachyomatic rifle in the image above is level 0 as it was found before Selene’s skill reached level 1 – which is the level of the Spitmaw Blaster since it is new.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock weapon traits in Returnal. Be sure to check out our wiki guide to the game for more tips, tricks, and other useful information.

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