Read an Excerpt from EXOGENE Laura Fitzgerald February 28, 2012


In GERMLINE, journalist Oscar Wendell introduced us to a new breed of Special Forces and the surprising humanity these elite and deadly soldiers are capable of. Now read the first chapter of EXOGENE (US | UK | AZ) – a war story from the perspective of one of these genetically engineered soldiers.

Li am forever. The thought lingered like a boring dog, to which I had given a few crumbs.

I felt Megan’s fingers against my skin and smelled the paste – I inhaled the vapors gratefully as it reminded me that I wouldn’t have to wear my helmet. Soon, but not now. The lessons taught this, described the first symptom of mess: When the helmet no longer felt safe, a sign of claustrophobia. As my troop train rolled north, I couldn’t tell whether I was shaking from impatience or from the shaking of the wagon, and gave up trying to distinguish between the two possibilities. It was not a Whether or daytime; it was a day of simultaneity.

deliver me from myselfI prayed, and help me to accept the end of tomorrow.

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