PSO2 New Genesis – Where to find Photon Quartz


Photon Quartz is a three star rarity mineral ore found in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesisand is one of only two three-star rarity ores found in the game. Despite this, harvesting large amounts of it is surprisingly easy if you know where to go.

By far the most useful application of Photon Quartz is in multi-weapon creation, which is literally a weapon made up of two separate weapons. A common example of this is how rangers often combine their rifle and launcher. The rifle grants access to the Blight Rounds ability, while the launcher allows for excellent burst damage. By combining them, it is possible to develop a versatile weapon that works in a wider range of situations.

Altolani Plateau

The best place to grow Photon Quartz in PSO2 New Genesis is the Altolani Plateau. This route coincides well with our recommended Trinite ore spots, so feel free to gather both resources at the same time. Both resources are important to optimize the end-game experience, so it’s worth it.

To access this route, it is best to start the Swift Jump Cocoon task and then immediately exit the mission upon entering it. This will teleport you outside the cocoon right next to the optimal starting location. From there, follow the route shown in the image below.

Pso2 New Genesis Photon Quartz Slot 1

This route involves traversing the hills south of the Altolani Plateau, then progressing clockwise around the outer perimeter. Depending on how much Photon Quartz Ore spawns, it should take around three minutes to harvest everything on this route.

Each ore spawn will return one to three Photon Quartz. This means that a typical run on this route will net a player approximately thirty-five Photon Quartz. When you take into account the additional Trinity spawns that also appear here, this becomes arguably the most productive material gathering path in New Genesis.

East Halphana Wetlands

The second recommended location is less abundant than the first. Located in the area where the Nex Vera emergency quest spawns, a few Photon Quartz Ore spawns can be found here. Players who have just completed the first route can complete their turn around the Altolani Plateau, then head southeast to that location.

Otherwise, the quickest route here is to teleport to the Resol Forest Ryuker Device, then head straight west. The open plains area here is home to several low level Dian spawns. This makes it a fantastic place to gather Aelio Meat on the side for later use in recipes and R Mags.

Pso2 New Genesis Photon Quartz Slot 2

As for the Photon Quartz itself, four different spawns can be found here. Two are on the west side just above the edge of the cliff. The other two are directly across from the east side. Be aware that a dangerous level 15 Eldi Scythe veteran can spawn on the east side.

Also, these four spawns are not guaranteed every day. Even though it’s not the best place to grow Photon Quartz PSO2 New Genesis, it is still worth the detour. It houses several other useful resources like Crisp Aelio Crab and Monotite. Being able to gather all of these resources in one area will save you time in the long run.

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