PSO2 New Genesis – How to create a group chat


To celebrate Star Fantasy Online 2For Sega’s ninth anniversary, Sega has introduced a series of time-limited tasks. These tasks can be completed to earn Season Points to purchase useful items like N-Grinders to upgrade gear. Most of the tasks are self-explanatory, but there’s one that confused the community a bit. Although simple in its premise, many players do not know how to create a group chat in PSO2 New Genesis.

A group chat differs from an alliance or group. It allows you to create a small community that shares a common chat. In this chat, you can see other players’ rare loot drops as well as any messages they post. Plus, messages are saved forever and timestamped for future reference. This is not a feature that is often used, but is required to complete the “Using Group Chat I” and “Using Group Chat II” tasks.

Create a group

Both tasks require you to post messages in a group. The first level can be completed by posting three posts, while the second level requires five. However, creating a group to post these messages is not as easy as it should be.

First go to the chat interface. By default, this is at the bottom right of the UI and should say “Log: Show All” at the top of the window. Click on the cog at the top right of this window.

Pso2 New Genesis Group Chat Settings

This should open the group chat interface. At the bottom there is a “Create group” button which will prompt you to enter a group name and description of your choice. Feel free to enter anything.

Once the group chat has been created, you will need to invite one of your friends to PSO2 New Genesis. This is done by clicking on the newly created group chat and selecting “Invite Friends”. Once your friend joins, you will be able to communicate freely in your new group.

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