PSO 2 New Genesis is getting a framerate bump, but only for NVIDIA users


PSO 2 New Genesis Gets Framerate Boost, But Only For NVIDIA Users

From February 9

There is going to be a PSO 2 New Genesis framerate bump, but only if you have a GeForce RTX graphics card with DLSS enabled.

Sega shared the news directly via Twitter, posting a comparison video between RTX and DLSS off, and RTX and DLSS on. The results are quite distinct, with the former registering around 45-50 FPS consistently and the latter hitting a minimum of 60 FPS at all times.

This begs the question: Can Sega optimize the New Genesis framerate for everyone? I understand new technology will always give better results, but the “default” option shouldn’t be that most of the user base will run below 60 FPS in a game from a big studio in 2022.

Either way, it’s a start. Recently New Genesis got its big update from the Retem (desert) region, and there’s more to come in 2022. New Genesis is growing both in terms of quality of life and content, and at some point it’s going to reach critical mass for a lot of people.

The Retem area has so far received mixed reviews from the community, claiming that while the location itself is varied from a visual and layout perspective, the content portion of the l The equation just isn’t there yet. Having completed the Retem campaign in just under a day, I can really see where they are coming from.

New Genesis Frame rate bump announcement:

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