PSA: Nintendo Switch Sports must be played docked for local multiplayer


PSA: Nintendo Switch Sports must be played on the dock for local multiplayer

Nintendo Switch Sports Multiplayer

For some it makes perfect sense, for others it doesn’t.

Juuuuuust in case you will try and try Nintendo Switch Sports multiplayer with friends on a Switch Lite, or on the go in tabletop mode, there’s something you should probably know first.

As Twitter user Akfamilyhome points outyou cannot use table mode or the Switch Lite to play Nintendo Switch Sports via local multiplayer. In fact, when you try to do so, the game shows a screen that says “when two or more people are playing, you need to use TV mode: please insert the Nintendo Switch console into the Nintendo Switch dock”. This notification even appears for a Switch Lite. Note that this setup also involves having separate Joy-Consbecause you need to have detached controllers to even play Nintendo Switch Sports.

It is therefore exactly the same format as Mario The Aces of Tennis, which also had a similar philosophy with local tabletop multiplayer. You can still play solo in tabletop mode and/or with the Switch Lite (including online play), but not locally.

Nintendo clearly, without saying it overtly, doesn’t want people swinging their arms or feet into each other in close proximity. However, some fans want Nintendo to implement local tabletop multiplayer for motion-controlled games anyway; and provide sufficient on-screen disclaimer to disclaim liability.

It’s a tough decision anyway. The game can clearly handle it, but Nintendo probably wants to avoid liability.

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