Pokemon Legends: Arceus Guide – How to Capture Heatran, Regigigas, Cresselia, and Shaymin


Pokemon Legends Arceus

Another series of “Plate” style missions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus involves capturing characters like Heatran, Regigigas, and Cresselia. Let’s go through the steps to find each, starting with Heatran. As part of the mission “The Plate of the Firespit Island”, you obviously have to go to Firespit Island. Once you reach the volcano, head inside and you’ll face Heatran.

The battle does not begin immediately. First, you need to remove Heatran’s shield – this can be done by throwing mud balls at her (which are present throughout the arena). Once the shield is down, start the battle. Heatran is level 70 and has skills like Iron Head, Crunch, Earth Power, and Magma Storm. Bring Water, Ground, and Fighting Pokémon to master it.

How to Catch Regigigas

The next mission is “The Snowpoint Temple Plate”, which involves getting to the Snowpoint Temple. Vetnrue to the basement and use the iron plate, ice plate, and stone plate to open the door. Regigigas will wait for the battle. He is level 70 and has skills such as Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, Crush Grip and Giga Impact. It’s weak to Fighting Pokemon only, so bring some.

How to Catch Cresselia

Cresselia is part of “The Plate of the Moonbreak Arena” mission which, again, is available after completing the main story. After receiving the mission, head to Moonbreak Arena. You will meet Melli who asks for your help. Advance further and fight Cresselia. He is level 70 and has skills such as Recover, Psychic, Lunar Blessing, and Moonblast. As a Psychic-type Pokémon, it is weak against Bug, Ghost, and Dark Pokémon.


Unlike the above, Shayman can be obtained by those who have save data for Pokemon Sword and Shield. You will get the request “A Token of Gratitude” and will need to meet Medi in the camp. After receiving a Gracidea, you will go to Floaro Gardens. Medi will then appear and summon Shaymin. He is level 70 and has skills such as Recover, Energy Ball, Earth Power, and Seed Flare. Since it’s a Grass-type Pokemon, Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice will be the most effective in battling it.

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