Own Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D? Prices are going through the roof


Do you own Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D? Prices are exploding

Metal Gear 3D Solid Snake Eater

Carrying digital copies will

Metal Gear 3D Solid Snake Eater the prices are pretty crazy right now, thanks to an online store delisting (which could still be resolved eventually) and the impending closure of the online store.

As DoubleXP points out, the confluence of events led to a storm of sales for the 2012 3DS port, including “cart only” sales approaching $100. Through our own research, we’ve found used copies included in a slipcase selling for around $130 in recent weeks, sometimes more. Sealed copies approach $200. Double XP also points out that the Solid metal gear The price of the series as a whole is rising as more and more franchise games have been removed from various digital markets.

This sort of thing is not new to the collectibles market in recent years, which has generally boomed. But the combination of kitsch, being a port of one of the most famous action/adventure games of all time, and being a decent port at that all contributes to this being a potentially pivotal time to add the game to your collection.

It’s crazy that we’re here right now: hunting for free copies of a game that should be available on the eShop. The “digital age” was supposed to be convenient, but as we’ve seen time and again through licensing issues and old bugs, some games are lost unless you have a physical copy. Hope this PSA helps someone get a Metal Gear 3D Solid Snake Eater copy who needs it before the situation gets even worse.

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