MASS EFFECT: DECEPTION – Out Today! Jenni Hill February 2, 2012


Personally, I can’t wait for Mass Effect 3 to come out next month (in fact, I could just ask for about a month of vacation days and spend some quality time with my Xbox) but it’s good to know that by March On the 9th, there will be other new adventures to be had in the universe of Mass Effect.

The Mass Effect novels, designed by BioWare and written by lead Mass Effect screenwriter Drew Karpyshyn and science fiction author William C. Dietz, tell the story of Lt. David Anderson, the original captain of the ship of the Commander Shepard, the SSV Normandy. The books offer deeper insight into the actions of the mysterious character “The Illusive Man” and the inner workings of the pro-human organization Cerberus.

the complete series of mass effect novels

The series began with MASS EFFECT: REVELATION (UK | ANZ), then continued with MASS EFFECT: ASCENSION (UK | ANZ) and MASS EFFECT: RETRIBUTION (UK | ANZ). The latest book in the series, MASS EFFECT: DECEPTION (UK | ANZ) is out today in ebook and paperback.

Opinion on this series:

BioWare has a knack for finding great writers. Their in-game writing is consistently excellent, and it’s fortunate that this standard follows their new expansions as well. –

A great read for people who are already fans of the Mass Effect series – in fact, it’s a good read even for people who don’t know much about games. Drew Karpyshyn strikes the right balance between insight into each personal story and maintaining the underlying story that the book explores. – Alltern8 on Mass Effect: Revelation

A quick and informative read that never lingered too long on a single tangent while exploring enough to inform me about the universe at hand. I recommend it to anyone with the slightest interest in the game, and even those on the fence: the book may be just what you need to pique your interest in the game. Mass Effect universe.” – on Mass Effect: Revelation

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