Making YouTube Game Reviews


Making YouTube Game Reviews

By popular demand, these are just a few general tips and tools that I find useful to start making game reviews or a game channel on YouTube. I don’t have much style advice. I’m like that Fable teacher who just gives training and doesn’t care if you do good or bad with it. Please be good anyway. Support the channel at: or I’m taking video suggestions at Twitter: Getting Started – 0:00 My First Video – 1:26 Hardware/Software Options – 2:13 All About Audio – 4:05 Editing video – 8:48 Writing/Project management – 11:18 Titles/Thumbnails/Tagging/Metadata – 2:55 Internet and you – 5:39 Money and ethics – 6:53 MY CHANNEL IS DEAD!!! – 20:41 #HowToYoutube #MakingGameReviews #GamingChannelGuide #FargothGang #GamingChannel.

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