Make no mistake, Nintendo’s Zelda: Skyward Sword amiibo unlock is a dirty play


Nintendo’s new amiibo unlock is a no-go.

While we all eagerly await news on Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo at least has something to occupy Zelda fans with the release of the HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. It’s due out in July, and as release nears, a new collector’s item for fans has been revealed: a special amiibo-themed post-game figure.

The amiibo features Zelda’s Skyward Sword design – arguably one of the show’s most beloved iterations of the character – alongside a blue Loftwing she’s shown flying a few times throughout. This is a pretty figure, and a welcome addition to the wide range of Zelda figures already offered in the amiibo line.

However, the figure also infuriated some people – and for good reason. Every amiibo has to have a function when you press it on the Nintendo Switch – and this one is particularly useful and powerful.

I’m going to level up with you here: I think the original Skyward Sword is a deeply flawed game and because of that one of Zelda’s weaker titles. I’ve said in the past that the average review metascore of the original 92 version makes me feel like I’ve moved into an alternate bizarre universe. Either way, it scores higher than either the excellent A Link Between Worlds or the flawed but brilliant 2019 Link’s Awakening remake. It is still weird for me.

Part of what’s exciting about this remaster is that it’s an opportunity for Nintendo to fix some of the game’s issues. One of the issues is with the pacing, and next to that is a major issue with the comeback. backward. So when I heard about a feature that allowed players to teleport from Skyward Sword’s floating hub world from anywhere in Hyrule, my interest was piqued. Then I learned that this is something that you have to use this amiibo to do.

People are going to defend this with icy catches like “it’s a cheat, that’s okay,” but make no mistake: attaching this feature to a $ 25 action figure is filthy. It sounds cynical in a way Nintendo rarely is. That price tag puts that number, which admittedly appears to be higher, at $ 10 more than other amiibo, by the way.

Amiibo has of course unlocked things in the past. But in my opinion, tapping to unlock a costume, get yourself some extra weapons or a high level horse without having to grab one is minor. When you do that in Breath of the Wild, you understand that you are cheating. It’s a small bonus, but it also doesn’t significantly change the gaming experience.

What puzzles me is that this offers a partial solution to some of Skyward Sword’s worst inclinations that were most criticized at launch … but this is essentially a DLC, except that it requires you to purchase a physical figurine that will undoubtedly be rare. .

When Nintendo released the Twilight Princess and Wind Waker HD remasters for WiiU, the games were both changed in various ways. For example, Twilight Princess added a new Ghost Lantern item, which makes it easier to locate items for a specific side quest. In Wind Waker, an additional optional sail upgrade was added for Link’s boat, which sped up the process of sailing the great sea. Both items could be obtained in-game without additional issues, and both responded directly to complaints about the original game. Could these now be amiibo unlocks?

Hopefully this feature will be available as an unlock in Skyward Sword HD, and the amiibo will just serve as a shortcut to unlock it earlier. It sounds questionable, however. When Waypoint reporter Patrick Klepek asked Nintendo if the feature is accessible without amiibo, Nintendo PR simply redirected it to the official amiibo site – which sounds like a no.

Honestly, the weirdest thing about all of this is amiibo does sell itself. Collectors love them – and I include myself in that. I don’t necessarily expect them to unlock the deal; some cool and smaller bonuses are quite good. That amiibo will definitely be sold out – pre-orders that have gone live so far have already sold out. So besides being disgusting, it all seems completely unnecessary. Nintendo should know better.

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