LEGACY OF KINGS now available! James Long December 1, 2011


After earning widespread critical acclaim for her Coldfire trilogy, Celia Friedman has embarked on an epic new story of a dangerous world where to use magic is to sacrifice one’s own vitality. . . or that of an unwitting victim. The first novel in the Magister trilogy, FEAST OF SOULS [UK | ANZ], introduced us to Andovan, a prince suffering from a terrible illness, and Kamala, a young woman whose magical powers threaten centuries of tradition. Their fates – and those of many others – intertwine as an ancient force awakens to threaten their world. WINGS OF ANGER [UK | ANZ] continued the story, raising the stakes as the terrifying power of the Souleaters is gradually revealed.

Now in LEGACY OF KINGS [UK | ANZ], the final confrontation is near. Secrets will be spilled, blood will flow and magic will be unleashed. The fate of the world is in the hands of a privileged few. . . but will their powers be enough to hold back the darkness?

In Praise of Celia Friedman’s Magister Trilogy:

Perhaps the most staggering achievement of FEAST OF SOULS is the determination of each scene. There is no filler in this book – Mrs. Friedman’s prose is crisp and precise, just as every scene in this book is integral to the novel as a whole. . . FEAST OF SOULS is a fantastical and superior work of speculative fiction” – THE BOOK SMUGGLERS

“Friedman has his hands firmly on the reins and delivers tightly controlled scenes while sparkling with vitality” – GRAEME’S FANTASY BOOK REVIEW

‘Friedman really knows what she’s doing as a storyteller, as she follows one of the great axioms: “Always leave them wanting more.” For my part, I want more; especially after reading the last two exhilarating chapters” – SFF WORLD

‘WINGS OF WRATH is CS Friedman writing at the top of his form. This series is head and shoulders above most of the competition on the market today. Yes, it’s damn good’ – PAT’S FANTASY HOTLIST

‘In short, FEAST OF SOULS is an absolutely brilliant novel that . . . will captivate you from start to finish. With a host of fully developed characters and a solid narrative, you should definitely check it out! – MITHRIL WISDOM

‘An excellent new fantasy trilogy, set apart from the rest by its life-stealing magic system and sharp gender relations. This was my first exposure to Friedman’s writing and it won’t be my last’ – NETHSPACE

Find CS Friedman on the web at www.csfriedman.com and on his official Facebook author page.

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