Kraid boss fight (Cataris) – Metroid Dread guide


Terror Metroid‘s Cataris Kraid The boss fight pits you against a chained dragon-like monster. It’s much, much harder than your first fight with Corpius.

Our Terror Metroid Kraid The boss fight guide will give you tips for each phase of the fight. We will help you defeat the dragon boss and claim the Diffusion beam costume upgrade.

Kraid (dragon) boss fight

Similar to Corpius, you will need to open a door before you reach this fight.

Kraid Phase 1 (head)

Kraid has two attacks.

  • Kraid throws talons from their hands. Shoot them in the air with missiles.
  • Kraid throws his head back and spits a bunch of bullets at you, some of which will be on fire. Your best bet is to avoid them – run with your power beam pointed straight up.

Your objective throughout this phase is to shoot Kraid in the head with a missile, then shoot him in the mouth with more missiles. Neither the nose nor the neck. In their mouths. Meanwhile, the projectiles will provide you health and missiles.

Pin as far to the left as you can and continue to unload the missiles as fast as you can – seriously spam the button hell – into the projectiles and their heads.

Kraid Phase 2 (belly)

Phase 2 has you battling Kraid’s belly. There are three attacks to watch out for.

  • Bouncing balls that ricochet back and forth. Shoot or avoid them.
  • Sticky acid balls splashing on the ground. Jump over it.
  • Three points that pull horizontally. Switch to Transformation ball mode to hide under these attacks.

Your objective in this phase is to shoot the purple spot on their belly a whole lot. You don’t need missiles here. Your power beam will work.

A good way to deal with this phase is to stand close to the left side and use a Charging harness to fire both a projectile in the air and their hole in the stomach at the same time. Alternatively, just unload the regular power beam shots as fast as you can.

After enough damage, they will cover the belly and launch a final spike attack. After that, a Spider Magnet panel will lower. Climb aboard to go up to phase 3.

Kraid Phase 3 (head, via spider magnetic board)

Phase 3 is a lot like Phase 1, but you get stuck on a Spider Magnet panel. Focus on shooting the projectiles and unload missiles in Kraid’s mouth.

There are two attacks to watch out for here.

  • Kraid’s right hand (far side) will pull back and hit you. You have a chance to Melee counter and deals bonus damage.
  • Kraid’s left hand (near side) will step back and strike forward. You can’t dodge this, so just drop the panel.

Each time you fall you will have to repeat phase 2.

Upgrade Diffusion Beam Suit

Walkthrough and Guide to Metroid Dread Cataris

Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: MercurySteam, Nintendo EPD / Nintendo via Polygon

  1. Diffusion beam costume upgrade.
  2. Teleportal (purple).
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