I’m spellbound with curiosity for GrimGrimoire OnceMore


I am fascinated by the curiosity of GrimGrimoire OnceMore

grimgrimoire once again nippon ichi remastered trailer

Magic and Mystery are part of its history

Anyone who knows me well knows that I would like to be an aloof gothic witch. So it stands to reason that I was fascinated by Nippon Ichi Software’s new remaster. GrimGrimoire onceMore – currently in development for PS4 and Nintendo Switch at cult studio Vanillaware.

As we pointed out previously, GrimGrimoire onceMore is an amusingly titled remaster of the underrated 2007 PS2 version GrimGrimoirea strategic adventure title that sees clumsy witch-in-training Lillet Blan tasked with rescuing her fellow students and faculty members from the chains of a frustrating time loop, which has been thrown onto the school by a clumsy wizard looking to steal the Philosopher’s Stone.

Check out a brand new trailer for the remaster below.

the original GrimGrimoire was written and directed by George Kamitani, who modern gaming fans will recognize as the mastermind behind the excellent fantasy adventure Dragon Crown. Besides, GrimGrimoire’Beautiful character art is the work of another dragon crown former students, Kouichi Maenou. While the title would receive critical acclaim for its fun storytelling, strategic gameplay, and appealing aesthetic, it would unfortunately fail to find success at the cash registers, ending further adventures for Lillet and his pals.

The remaster promises high-resolution widescreen visuals, all-new skill tree mechanics and options, rebalanced difficulty and save systems, and even a newly recorded vocal track, which hopefully will help GrimGrimoire find a whole new audience, some 15 years after its original release. Unfortunately, Nippon Ichi Software has yet to confirm a western localization, but NIS America has really gone the extra mile in recent years when it comes to bringing the publisher’s titles west in recent years, so cross the fingers… After all, I look cute in these Victorian button-up boots.

GrimGrimoire onceMore will launch in Japan on July 28 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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