I’m ready for a Nintendogs revival on Switch


I’m ready for a Nintendogs revival on Switch


I beg you, Nintendo

Nintendo has tended to bring back its classic games lately, including the return of its Sports series by means of Nintendo Switch Sports, as well as rumors circulating about an official Game Boy Advance emulator. The company likes to keep its cards close to its chest, so to speak, because it knows the hold classic games have on us fans. But now that Nintendo is finally re-releasing, revamping, and monetizing our old favorites, I have one simple request: bring Nintendogs back on Switch.

Nintendogs: What’s the problem?

For those who haven’t played any of these games, or just can’t remember, let me give you a quick refresher. Nintendogs is a series of real-time animal simulators released for the Nintendo DS in 2005. There were six total versions of the game which were basically all released at the same time for the DS including Labrador and his friends, Shiba and his friends, Chihuahua and his friends, Dalmatian and his friends, and the version best friends, with the main differences being the dog breeds featured in each release, as well as the geographic location where they were released. For example, the shiba The edition was only released in Japan due to the popularity of the breed in that country.

For some reason I thought there were a ton of sequels, but there’s only one, Nintendogs + Catswhich was released for Nintendo 3DS in 2011. I definitely had more than one copy of the game, something that was popular with fans who wanted to collect them all, or try out the different races the different titles had to offer.

Not only the Nintendogs incredibly popular games, but they also really paved the way for almost every animal simulation game to come.

Smooth and soothing gameplay

The main gameplay is adopting dogs, petting them, bathing them, playing with them, walking them – you know, what you do with dogs in real life.

The culmination of the Nintendogs For me, the experience is the training, especially the agility class you can do, because you can lead your dog through the obstacles and compete for the fastest time. Also, the commentary we received from the competition hosts, Ted and Archie, which was hilarious and filled with sexual tension. It’s one of those games that has a lot to keep you engaged and enjoying the experience, but not so much that you can’t kick back and relax with your puppies.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one who wants one. Nintendogs game for the Switch – other gamers who also have nostalgia for the pet simulator series have been asking for a franchise revival for years. There’s also a ton of crossover with the animal crossing and Pokemon fandoms, two series that both feature lovable animals, relaxing gameplay and, above all, have made huge profits for Nintendo over the past few years.

For anyone who grew up playing "Nintendogs"

Gone, but never forgotten

It’s one of those games that was so beloved at the time of release, it’s stuck in the collective consciousness of fans and Nintendo. I mean, the company put Nintendogs references in his other games for years, so we know he hasn’t stopped thinking about his legacy either. Sounds like a pretty straightforward win-win situation to me — fans get a brand new version of one of their favorite childhood games, and Nintendo wins a pretty penny.

I know the touchscreen and microphone were a big part of the gameplay in the original Nintendogs, but I think they could make some really fun changes with the Switch’s hardware. The first thing that comes to mind is the Poké Ball throwing mechanic in Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee — it’s something simple that would translate well to Nintendogs, and that comes to mind! Come on Nintendo, I know you guys are creative, and I’ve been dying to see what fun new twist you could put on the series these days.

Until you’re good, I’ll be here with Nintendogs the money makes a hole in my pocket. The squeaky ball is in your court.


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