Ian Tregillis joins Orbit UK! Anna Jackson November 23, 2011


I am very pleased to announce that Orbit UK has acquired bitter seeds plus two other novels by the very talented Ian Tregillis.

bitter seeds is a daring fantasy tale of the events of World War II – where the Nazis create superhumans who can throw fire, see the future and become invisible, while British wizards use black magic to hold off the German invasion . I was totally taken in by the delightfully sinister atmosphere of this novel, with its endlessly imaginative twists and superhero-like characters. Ian has a very bright future ahead of him and I’m delighted we were able to hire him in the UK.

bitter seeds was released in the US last year to huge acclaim – here’s what people have been saying so far:

‘A major talent… Can’t wait to see more’ George RR Martin

“Mad English wizards battling twisted Nazi psychics? Yes, please, thank you. Tregillis’ debut has a jaw-dropping plot, beautiful descriptions and complex characters – an unstoppable Vickers of a novel’ Cory Doctorow

‘Tregillis delivers a dynamite debut novel in bitter seeds SFRevu.com

‘Bitter Seeds is by far the best start of 2010 so far’ fantasy book review

“SFF’s crème de la crème debuts this year!” Pat’s Fantasy Select List

Be careful with bitter seeds in December next year! Its consequences The coldest war and Necessarily wrong will be released in February 2013 and April 2013 respectively.

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