Hyper Light Drifter creators reveal a 3D co-op successor, Hyper Light Breaker


Super Light Wanderer developer Heart Machine returns to the dynamic and stylized world of this game for a new game, Hyper Lightbreaker, which the studio isn’t calling a sequel. The sequel to 2016’s challenging and top-down 2D action game will add new dimensions to its battles: Hyper Lightbreaker will focus on 3D action and feature both single-player and cooperative multiplayer.

Heart Machine announced Hyper Lightbreaker during a Thursday livestream that celebrated the sixth anniversary of Vagabondthe exit. The game’s debut trailer mostly consists of an animated, frantic look at the world and style of Hyper Lightbreaker, with a very short preview of the game footage at the end. The developers say their next game will be playable next year; an early access launch for Hyper Lightbreaker will be heading to Steam in the spring of 2023.

Gearbox Publishing partners with Heart Machine to publish Hyper Lightbreaker. Release platforms beyond PC have not been announced.

Alx Preston, Super Light Wanderer creator and creative director of Heart Machine called Breaker “a new path and the culmination of everything we’ve learned over the past eight years of development at Heart Machine.” The studio’s previous game, solar ashcame out in 2021.

Heart Machine also revisits the world of Super Light Wanderer for a completely separate project: Preston and producer Adi Shankar, whose game adaptations include Netflix Castlevania and upcoming series based on the devil may cry and Assassin’s Creedare developing an anime series based on the 2016 game.

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