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Dirt is a Souls-like Metroidvania. As such, players are expected to return to areas they have already visited. Unfortunately, the game has an extremely restrictive system which is further bogged down by navigation issues. Anyway, here is our Dirt Quick Travel Guide to help you learn more about the Nervepass and other means of teleportation.

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Dirt: Quick Travel Guide – The Nervepass and Teleportation to Various Regions

Dirt has a few ways for you to get back to certain areas quickly. One method is to use Levolam Dust, an item that allows you to teleport to the last surrogate (i.e. save point) you used.

This item can be found as a collector’s item in various parts of the map. Alternatively, you can buy a few from vendor NPCs such as Heod and other helpers.

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Another option is to use the Nervepass system. They are gigantic roots connected to the Pillar of the World (where the main Nervepass is located).

This Nervepass is just below Shidra’s room to the right of the zone beacon.

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Initially, the Nervepass is not connected to any other exit. The first connector you’ll likely come across is in Feaster’s Lair. This is after acquiring the Air Dash movement and the Kilyahstone quest item from Boss Vulture.

This place is guarded by an enemy Puppet, which you will have to defeat. Then use the Nervepass to return to the World Pillar to complete the task assigned to you by Shidra. You can check the location on the map below:

Grime Fast Travel Teleport Guide Nervepass Elevator 1a

The second exit is at the bottom of Carven Palace. You will need to acquire the Self-Pull movement (i.e. grappling hook) from a boss called Shapely Fidus. Notice that there are a few other secrets and puzzles in Carven Palace, but we are only focusing on the means of teleportation in this guide.

Anyway, once you reach the elevator there is a passage to the left that has a Nervepass and a puppet guarding it. You can see the location in the image below:

Grime Fast Travel Teleport Guide Elevator Nervepass 1b

Another method is to use the Worldpillar elevator. Granted, it’s only a one-way ticket, but it saves you a bit of time. You will find it while walking through the garden (as part of Shidra’s quest). Once you reach the top left, you can activate the device to return to the Worldpillar near the main Nervepass.

To note: Finally, you get a fast travel skill near the end of your Dirt player. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to disclose additional details about the game beyond a certain point.

Grime Fast Travel Teleport Guide Nervepass Elevator 2

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