Genshin Impact: Kaboomball Kombat event and rewards guide


Did you fight any bosses in the Legend of the Vagabond Sword event? Well, there’s a new activity you can do starting today in Genshin Impact. It’s called Kaboomball Kombat, and it’s reminiscent of the Painted Wall minigames you saw in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Like a game of tennis or squash, you’ll hit balls to destroy an object known as the Dodofortress. here is our Genshin Impact guide to help you with Kaboomball Kombat event, its rewards and Enigma Gear currency.

To note: For more information on the game, see our Genshin Impact guides and feature hub and version 1.6 preview.

Genshin Impact: Kaboomball Kombat Event & Rewards Guide

Begin Genshin ImpactFor the Kaboomball Kombat event, you will first need to reach Adventure Rank 21. Then, go to the marked location in the Golden Apple Archipelago to search for Albedo. You will eventually see a painting canvas on “Bubble Forcefield Island”. This allows you to start the first stage known as “Incoming Kaboomballs!”

The remaining stages (“Absolute Frosty Defense Line” and “Dodofortress’ All-out Attack”) will be unlocked every two days. The event itself will run from today until July 12, although the event store will remain open until the 16th. For now, you can refer to the pages below for parts you need help with:

  • I. Basics of Kaboomball Kombat and Stage I: Incoming Kaboomballs
  • II. Challenge Tasks, Rewards, and Event Shop

Genshin Impact Kaboomball Kombat Event Guide Rewards Enigma Gear 1

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