Forspoken’s Spells Include Flaming Swords, Fire Minions and Eruptions



Light Productions’ Speak places a very high emphasis on magic, whether in the various phenomena of Athia or in the powers that protagonist Frey Holland can harness. Game Informer recently released a trailer that breaks down the different spell categories, but it also details about 20 different spells seen in an exclusive demo. It starts with basic attack magic like Shot which releases magic bullets that deal small amounts of damage with no cooldown.

It can be upgraded to level 3 into Burst Shot, which is basically a floating rock that can be thrown at enemies. Slice creates a magical sword to attack with – you can modify it to Arc Slice for a strong downswing to knock enemies to the ground or Blast Slice which launches a fiery lightning spear at enemies. The latter then explodes outward, inflicting damage.

Bolt is another no-cooldown attack that launches a blue orb at enemies. It can be upgraded to Fan Bolt which sends multiple arrows in a row and Cluster Bolt which sends a magic arrow into the sky that splits and damages everything below with shards. Dart works like Shot, except it looks more like a knife than a bullet, and it can be upgraded to Pulse Dart. The latter can be tasked with firing multiple darts at enemies.

Moving on to support magic, there’s Bind who summons vines to trap enemies; Prime that places a magic trap in an area of ​​your choice; Charge, which sees Frey lunge at enemies while surrounded by tendrils of magma; and Distortion, a green orb that explodes into a mist when thrown at enemies.

Fusilade summons several floating flaming swords that will attack enemies that approach, giving time to prepare another spell, while Legion will create minions made of fire instead. Crucible increases attack power; Naedre sends out a purple trail that poisons enemies; and Maelstrom summons a pillar of water that provides protection against ranged attacks.

As far as Ultimate spells go, only one is really described – Conflagration which creates an eruption-like wall of lava that deals massive damage in an area. Others like Genesis, Cataract, and Tempest also exist, so maybe we’ll see them in action later.

Speak is set to release on October 11 on PS5 and PC. Check out the latest State of Play trailer here.

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