Exclusive Content For PlayStation Is Still Top Priority, Hermen Hulst On PC Ports


In a recent interview with Game Informer, PlayStation Studios Director Hermen Hulst reveals some interesting tidbits about the upcoming release of PlayStation exclusives on the PC platform. During the interview, he reveals that developing exclusive experiences is still the priority, but that more PlayStation games may be coming to PC in the near future.

Horizon: Zero Dawn released on PC three years after its release on PlayStation, while Days Gone took a lot less time to get to the PC platform with two years between releases. Hulst says the team generally wants to have two years between those releases, which sets the stage for how long fans will have to wait for future PlayStation 5 exclusives.

“Typically, it has been about two years between release on our platform and the PC platform,” Hulst said. “But you can count on us to keep creating exclusive platform-defining content for PlayStation, which is part of the reason we exist. It’s really important for us to get the most out of the platform, to create showcases for the platform, and to really let the audience see what these great features contribute to the overall experience.

PlayStation appears to be moving more towards the PC platform, which is supported by the recent acquisition of Nixxes which Sony said was aimed at developing more ports. Days Gone was very successful with its PC release, as was Death stranding. With Epic Games reportedly offering $ 200 million for platform exclusivity – there is more than enough reason for Sony to change its stance on exclusivity.

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