Elden Ring boss Miyazaki says Demon’s Souls remake was intimidating, but won’t be playing it


Elden Ring boss Miyazaki says Demon’s Souls remake was intimidating, but won’t play it

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there is news Ancient ring Miyazaki’s thoughts float thanks to Edge Magazine (via VCG) and, interestingly, they involve her take on the Demon souls redo.

As a reminder, the remake was actually made by Bluepoint: but not by Miyazaki and his From Software team. Many of us felt like Bluepoint had in fact knocked out the park, including Miyazaki. Well, at least in terms of the visuals.

Miyazki himself explains: “, Ancient ring progress. He goes on to explain “And not only with Ancient ring, but with all the games we make. Graphic fidelity is not something we prioritize. What we ask for on the graphics side depends on the systems and requirements of the game itself, and it takes less priority over other elements of development.

Speaking as someone who was won over by the visual design of each Souls-like, I know Miyazaki is going to worry about being a perfectionist until the end of time, but some of us are noticing! Miyazaki explains that he feels “sorry” to the team working on the visuals because he knows they are doing a fantastic job. Yet he won’t see much Demon souls remake in motion, because it is not actively playing in it. It’s not personal!

He reflects, “Like you say, I wasn’t directly involved in it and I didn’t really play the Demon remake. But that’s because I don’t like playing the games I made in the past. It brings up a lot of old emotions, a lot of old memories, and it gets a little overwhelming, and you don’t want to play anymore. So I didn’t play the Demon remake, but I’m very happy to see it take on this new look, these brand new graphics of the current generation.

Given the number of artists, from movie stars to game designers, are not playing their creations, this is nothing new. But it’s always a pleasure to get a glimpse of Miyazaki’s creative process. He also mentions being nervous about how he would be received given the age of the game, but was ultimately happy to see the positive reactions all around.

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