Devil May Cry Celebrates 20th Anniversary For The Franchise


Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

The devil can cry is one of the most recognizable action games, thanks to its long history and unmistakable charm. The franchise is celebrating its 20th anniversary today and the game’s official Twitter account acknowledged the occasion by thanking its fans.

While there are currently no announcements for a new game in the series, the developers recognizing the franchise’s legacy are nonetheless still excellent. Legions of fans responded in comments with fan art and memes, showing their love and history with the franchise. Developer Capcom is currently working on the DLC for Resident Evil Village, whose release date and details remain unknown at this time.

The devil can cry 5 received a Special Edition for next-gen consoles late last year, which included all DLC for the game and pushed frame rates up to 120 fps, allowing for a smooth and silky experience. To know more about The devil can cry 5, read our review for the same here.

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