Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea is out today with a freaky shrimp pet


Dead Cells: The Queen and the Sea is out today with a bizarre shrimp pet

Dead Cells: Queen and the Sea Animated Trailer

The third DLC is playable on PC and consoles

Dead cells released its third DLC version, The queen and the sea, on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch today. It’s a testament to the game’s finely tuned chaos that fans always show up, as excited as ever to jump, roll, and cut all night long.

To set the mood, Motion Twin and Evil Empire have a new animated trailer.

So what do we do this time? As the video suggests, there’s a lighthouse with a light that goes up to keep you moving and a towering figure at the top. The queen and the sea adds the biomes of the Infested Wreckage and Lighthouse (replacing High Peak Castle and the Throne Room), as well as a new final boss and a new ending. This DLC is a continuation of the story elements in The bad seed and Fatal falls – can we really leave this island?

The rising flames and the vertical nature of the lighthouse remind me of that monstrous saw chasing you through the trees in Donkey Kong Country 3. I always hated this obstacle as a kid, and although I’ve since grown more comfortable with the ever-present threat, it still causes some anxiety. I expect to do a lot of panicked slips in Dead cells.

There are also new weapons and skills to experiment with. Here is the list :

  • Abyssal Trident – Charge towards your enemies and impale them for critical damage.
  • Hand hook – Grab your enemies and throw them behind you, for easy side-platform kills, as well as that little crowd control.
  • Maw of the Deep – A literal shark. And you can throw it away. Yeah. No, for real, where did the beheaded find this.
  • Bladed tonfas – whose damage depends on your running ability, with a big critical jump at maximum speed.
  • Wrecking ball – the heaviest weapon of all. Quite difficult to throw, but it will easily tear mobs from unsuspecting mobs.
  • Queen’s Rapier – Rip out reality (and your enemies) with the so-called Queen of the Island’s favorite weapon!
  • Throwing Cards – Shoot cards of different designs and paste them into your enemies, before calling them all back to deal heavy damage!
  • Golden Yumi – the heaviest bow of them all, with the heaviest arrows and heaviest shots. So heavy, in fact, that these arrows could simply pick up crowds on the ground and bring them to their inevitable death.
  • Legugger – A new pet, an evil baby shrimp, although this one seems to be a lot nicer. Leave it free and it will quickly bite the life of your opponents.
  • Bombarde Recovered – The Beheaded took inspiration from those pesky pirates and made their own automatic turret cannon. Reloading is quite slow, but the damage it inflicts makes up for it.

The cocked shark might be flashy, but I’m one hundred percent off the companion baby shrimp and the so-called turret cannon. Forget about min-maxing; go with your heart!

Pets Shrimp Legugger Dead Cells

Dead cells: the queen and the sea costs $ 4.99 and Steam offers a set of three DLC for $ 9.99 for a limited time if you come fresh. The journey begins in the toxic sewers.

I feel like there should be some noticeable diminishing returns now – for some of you maybe there are – but three packs, I still love this frenzied but fair roguelike.

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