Chernobylite: Final boss, endings, and epilogues guide


The Heist mission in Chernobylite may cause you to lose many companions, or all of them could be alive. The outcome is up to you. After this stage, you will face your rival so that you can finally save Tatiana. Then it’s time for you to decide the fate of Igor and possibly the whole exclusion zone. here is our Chernobylite Guide to the final boss and endings to aid you in the final segment of the Heist mission.

To note: For more information, see our Chernobylite guides and features hub. You can also check out our main guide for the mission / final Heist. Finally, remember that this guide contains spoilers.

Chernobylite Heist Mission – Final Boss and Endings Guide

After seeing Tatyana in the lab, Olivier may or may not approach you for everything you’ve done. I’m going to assume he faced you, but he also let you go since you’re trying to save your team. Then, head to the marked location to reach a large room where the Black Stalker is waiting for you. You can check the pages below for the parts you need help with:

  • Black Stalker Final Boss Fight
  • The Fractured World: Key Decisions, Endings, and Epilogues

Chernobylite Black Stalker Final Boss Ending Epilogues Guide 1

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