Call Of Duty: Vanguard’s Alpha Start Up Screen Looks To Lack Activision Logo


vanguard call of duty

Just like last year, the annual conference Call of Duty was revealed later than usual, but we got a first glimpse of Avant-garde Not long ago. While this is generally an exciting time for games, and will undoubtedly be the biggest game of the year as usual for the franchise, its parent company has been in the midst of a PR storm these days. last time. While most of this pertains to the Blizzard part of Activision-Blizzard, the Activision side of things has not escaped notice as allegations of sexual assault, hostile workplaces, gender discrimination and, more currently obsess the company. It also looks like Activision might want you to forget about them, at least for their key series.

As seen below, and also confirmed by VGC, it looks like the Activision logo will not appear on the start screen of the game’s next alpha. It seems to be in the same vein as the logo being totally absent. of the game’s trailer, opting for phrasing instead, “Call of Duty Gifts. Considering how hard each Activision studio is working on Call of Duty to some extent, maybe the plan is just to rename itself as the literal Call of Duty editor.

Call of Duty: The Vanguard releases November 5 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, and PC. The Alpha is set to go live on August 27 for PS5 and PS4.

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